Thursday, February 23, 2012


“Almost an Insult” to Veterans

Gov. Haslam`s bill >

Yesterday, Governor Bill Haslam's(upper left) special interest power grab was dealt another blow when he was forced to defend the anti-veteran changes he wants to make to state hiring policy. In another bipartisan push back, the governor's plan to eliminate veterans' preference was criticized by Democrats and Republicans. A Republican said Haslam's interview promise was "almost an insult" to veterans. It's no wonder. Tennesseans take pride in supporting the 400,000 (plus) military veterans in our state, and the unemployment rate among young veterans is upwards of 30 percent. Why would the Governor want to make it harder for vets to get work ? Coincidentally, a story airing YESTERDAY on WBIR emphasized how important pro-veteran job policies are:
WBIR: Iraq vet Sgt. Chris Lindsay, 32, family of five, of East TN: "
I came home to no job" Below are Newspaper article`s to substantiate ~ !

Haslam plan hit for not helping vets

Lawmakers say Tenn. governor's civil service bill would eliminate job preference to veterans

Legislators Protest Stripping Veterans of State Hiring Preference (as Haslam proposes)

Haslam Dodges Criticism on Veteran Hiring

Stepping Up on Vet Jobs

Editorial : This should not now or ever be a partisan issue. Our HERO Veterans should be given a high priority in the job market. I`m UNION and I`m proud to say this and do all I can to make it happen. I have an idea Gov. Haslam, why not issue each returning Veteran a free Gasoline card on Pilot ?

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