Thursday, February 02, 2012

Middle Class Being Eliminated ? You Bet`Cha !

by Underdog = Don Jones...2/02/12

As most of you know, I am a news junkie. I`m not sure, if that is good or bad ? But, somethings being espoused by some of our politicians are just not TRUE ! For instance, Republicans say raising the tax`s on Millionaire$/Billionaire$ would stifle the economy. That These ultra-rich people can`t create jobs, if we raise tax`s on them. Wrong ! If that were the case, we`d be covered up in jobs. The Bush Tax cuts for the ultra rich have been in place ten(10)years now, where are the jobs ? Oh there have been job creations alright, in CHINA and South America. Another thing being espoused is, Do away with Free Democratic Trade Unions, we don`t need them anymore. Wrong ! When these Unions are gone, there will be nothing but slaves remaining. When a worker has no voice in his workplace, not only is it wrong, it is dangerous. Better lookout. Depending on the state you live in, Republicans are passing "Right to Work" I call these laws "Right to Work for Less", Laws at an alarming rate. This is not only wrong, but dangerous. In this writers opinion, there have been three(3)great democratic/freedom uprisings/movements. (1.) The free-democratic organizing into Unions movement. (2.) The Feminist uprising/movement. The Civil Rights uprising/movement ! If you look closely, all three are freedom movements. I make no apology for that fact/statement. Republicans talk about getting government out of our lives. What they are really saying is get government off of BIG Business Back. When you hear a politician say, "Well we`re moving to a service oriented country/society, what he is really saying is "Lets move some more American jobs to CHINA" or another slave labor Country. Let`s take Tennessee for an example in tax`s. Our politicians and in Tennessee they are almost all Republicans. If you elect me, there will never be an income tax. Sounds great, right ? What they are really saying is, Not too much income in Tennessee. A ten 10% sales tax on everything is best. That way the poor working class pays as much if not more than the rich, and there is more of them. Our Governor Bill Haslam(R) Tennessee, is a billionaire. Do you think he understands going to the grocery and paying ten 10% on groceries`s ? NO ! Tennessee Republicans have now taken over the Public School system, Teachers no longer have input in regard to teaching. I bet this works out great. And pigs fly. Now before you ask, let me answer. Is it fair for millionaires/billionaires to pay more tax`s ? YES ! As Warren Buffett, billionaire says, I make more, I should pay more ! Correct ! Republicans are still fighting against Healthcare, or as they call it Obamacare. This could very well be the next freedom uprising/movement. By the way, I`m for Medicare for all Americans. If we do not fix this problem, soon only the wealthy will be able to afford health care. Has anyone ever figured out how your eyes and teeth do not figure into your healthcare ? Hey, I have an idea, why not end all of these wars/military actions and spend the money on all of the above ? Then, all middle class Americans will benefit, not just the rich. Uh...Oh, I`m beginning to sound like our President.The theory of the Ultra-Rich making more money is somehow beneficial to the working class, is NUTS ! TRICKLE DOWN DOES NOT WORK ! NEVER HAS ! Be careful we do not turn out like Mexico and have just a few family's control all of the wealth. Now have the Democrats done all things to my liking ? Absolutely not. But, compared to the Republicans, much better. Gun control, abortion and illegal aliens, just issues to keep the poor middle class in line. NON ISSUES ! Think about it. I have got some readers, who are just going to die, because of this blog.They do not handle facts very well. "So Mote it Be"!

Fiat Lux

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