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JIM CROW~Racism Still Rearing its Ugly Head ! You Bet`Cha !

Jim Crow Has Written Me...I`m Sad to Report !

by Underdog = Don Jones...2/05/12

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The following was written to me via comments on my, This blog...UNDERDOG ! I did not publish. And you can read why. Racism is still a part of our make-up, I`m sad to say. The person that wrote this venom, writes comments all of the time on my blog. I do not now, read them. I just delete. To this anonymous person. I`m so sorry for you ! I will pray for you.

I vote Democrat. I always have, and am very glad to be a Democrat. I like all of the things the Democrats give me so I don't have to work. I could have gone to college, but I got pregnant instead. Now, I get food stamps, WIC, money for my house, welfare, money for my electric bill and water bill. I know as long as I vote for Democrats that I can get all the money I need and don't have to do a thing for it. I think it's funny that all of those white men get mad about paying taxes. I don't have to pay taxes! But if I lose my welfare, I will have to pay, so I always vote for Democrats. I want to say thank you Obama, for getting me more money for food stamps, because I can't afford those big steaks and now I can buy beer with the EBT card I have. I just laugh at all of those people who start yelling about paying taxes. All they got to do is quit work like me, and they can get welfare just like me!I want Obamacare cause my Medicaid don't pay for much. Since I got 4 kids they cost a lot. I just got a big screen tv the other day on my welfare check, but my auntie helped me out by giving me some of her welfare check. I am so thankful that we don't have a Republican as a president, because then I would have to go to work, and I don't want to work! Then I would lose my house, my Medicaid, my EBT, my WIC, all that stuff. I am so glad to see that someone else out there agrees with me and wants Obama to stay in office and tax the rich!!! Thank you Obama for all you have given me.


Below is second letter, same commenter wrote. I deleted it also ! So sad. I would answer your questions below, however, I feel it would be superfluous. Wasted Time ! I will pray for you !

How many "African" Americans do you know? I am willing to bet "none..." Unless they lived part of their life in Africa, then they are Americans, not African-Americans. Too often we split ourselves into groups that want to mask our real identities. By the way, how is our hero Obama doing for the black community? Unemployment at record highs... Gee, we need four more years of this, right ? Well, look at that ! Free photo identification cards ! I guess that old "legal voter" thing wasn't such a big deal after all !I am looking forward to referring to the pander bear Cohen as "former" Congressman !


In third letter below from same writer "Anonymous" There is no explanation, other than complete and unabated RACISM ! The only thing, I can guarantee is, you won`t see any more letters from "ANONYMOUS RACIST"So sad ! This individual is sick."God is Love"! And I love you also !

"In his speech, President Obama emphasized the importance of his Christian beliefs in his politics and personal life, arguing that his efforts to raise taxes on the wealthiest Americans, promote health insurance reform, help families with college tuition and send troops to prevent human rights abuses in Uganda were grounded in his faith"1. The wealthiest Americans already pay a lion's share of the taxes in this country. However, tens of millions of people are unproductive, and have no intention of doing anything that will cause them to be productive. This is a never-ending money pit that is destroying the nation. There is no "fair share" when some are paying NOTHING.2. Government intervention into the health insurance industry will turn out just the same as its intervention into everything else: FAILURE!!! FAILURE!!! FAILURE!!! The government DESTROYS everything it touches! Get it out of the way, and health insurance will become affordable for millions.3. There is nothing in the Constitution that mentions wealth redistribution for health care. It is not a right. You do not have a right to someone else's services, no matter how "entitled" you feel. Your own laziness, poor life choices, dependency on the government's thievery of others is the reason that you think you are "entitled" to the belongings of others. 4. People need to take care of their own college tuition, not have GOVERNMENT intervention. Gee, like I DID. How did I manage that? Gee, I'm not black, I'm not poor, and I'm not on some government program, yet I have taken out loans, paid them off WITH INTEREST and EARLY. How did I do that without government's help? I also didn't need Affirmative Action, either. Gee, HOW DID I MAKE IT ? 5. We've been sending troops everywhere in the world for decades to prevent human rights abuses. It's funny how when a Republican does this, it's all hell break loose, but when a Democrat does it, it's for humanitarian reasons. I have no problem with it, but the LEFT and all its minions need to be consistent in its criticism. Gee, a bill to recognize civil rights activists with a gold medal... Yeah, that's a pressing issue, isn't it ? How many Tennesseans got off of welfare thanks to that idea? How much did we pay down our state debt with that move? But, you DID get some brownie points, didn't you??? It's good to PANDER to your constituents!!! Did you name another Post Office at the same time?Oh, you leftist libtards just can't get enough of licking Obama's boots ! He is such a hero!!! Unemployment at an all-time high, deficits as far as the eye can see, and the national debt ballooning 50% over what you previously termed "unpatriotic..." What does this make you, IDIOT OBAMA ? The sooner we are DELIVERED from Jimmy Carter II the better off we will be ! By the way, Obama, MY FAITH CALLS ME TO DO ALL I CAN TO GET YOUR IGNORANT A** OUT OF OFFICE AND PUT AN END TO YOUR ENDLESS FOOD STAMP CRUSADE!!! WE ARE THROWING YOUR SOCIALIST IDEAS AS WELL AS YOUR GOVERNMENT DEPENDENCY IDEAS OUT THE DOOR !

Editorial : Again, So Sad ! I`m not sure how to deal with ignorance ? Just Pray ! I hope you can read Dr. King`s quote at top.

Fiat Lux

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Anonymous said...

That is a sick man.I belived a man back in the fortys had the same thoughts and he started the second world war. You know the one that thought one race was better then the others Why does color make a person any better or worst a man??? As you said I will bend my knees for him every night and pray. But my God still loves this man too. Just my thoughts Bobby Brown