Monday, February 13, 2012


Tennessee Teachers & Students Get The SHAFT

More than 2,000 people have signed our online petition opposing Governor Bill Haslam's plan to increase classroom sizes. Concerned parents, educators and citizens from across the state agree. It's common sense; increasing class sizes at our public schools is a bad idea. Yet late last week, a top politician said that Republicans would be "regrouping" and working up a new sales pitch with the hopes of winning over parents and teachers, who recognized a bad idea when they heard it. If we're trying to close the achievement gap and graduate more students ready to take on jobs in math and science, we need more individualized instruction in the classroom -- not less. If you agree and know that Tennessee kids deserve the best classroom environment to learn in, we need your help. Ciick here >Please add your name to our petition opposing the Governor's plan to crowd our classrooms. People who work in classrooms already know how important class size is to our kids' learning. Add your name and help us educate the politicians in Nashville. In January, Governor Bill Haslam(R) announced his plan to eliminate requirements for average classroom sizes at our public schools. It's a move that would quickly lead to increased class sizes, and it is a major threat to student achievement.Common sense tells you that more students in each classroom means less individualized instruction for each student. For decades, smaller class sizes have helped narrow the achievement gap and increase student learning. In fact, the best private schools in Tennessee show off their small class sizes and brag about the personalized education they can offer due to their low student-teacher ratios.Why isn't this philosophy good enough for public school kids ? Sign our petition calling on Governor Bill Haslam to immediately withdraw his plan to increase Tennessee classroom sizes. Bigger classroom sizes don't make any sense if our goal is to improve student achievement and prepare our kids for the 21st century. We can't afford to settle for anything but the best results in Tennessee's classrooms because the countries our kids will compete with for good-paying jobs -- China, Japan, India -- aren't settling either. Help us stop Governor Haslam and the special interests from short changing our children's future with one more bad idea. Sign the petition >> <<

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