Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Church, The Christian, and Politics ?

What Would Jesus Do ?

By Don Jones...10/25/09

It is Sunday morning, I have followed my usual routine, I`ve watched the Sunday morning news - talk shows. I then went to church. I have a fellow christian friend at church his name is, lets call him, Bobby, now Bobby and I are of the same persuasion when it comes to politics. We usually vote the Democratic ticket and we both love Tennessee football. We are both liberal thinkers. Now in some Church's liberal has become a political word, and not a good word at that. Where they get this, I have no idea. Now, I have another christian friend at my church, his name is, lets call him Joe ! Joe is of the conservative persuasion. now that`s alright, except, I`m not sure what a conservative right wing republican is, or if he is one ? I have found that most conservatives have come to a conclusion that if you are liberal democrat, that is a very bad thing. I do not believe their conclusion. There are some republicans, who believe that you cannot be a christian and be a democrat. I do not believe that. There are some Democrats who believe that if you are a republican, you cannot be a christian. I do not believe that. What would Jesus do ? I believe that Jesus would be a liberal. I believe he was a liberal. He cared about the poor and the oppressed. His ministry was among them. Jesus drove the money lenders from the temple ! He healed the sick ? He fed the multitudes/poor ! Now, if you do not agree with me, that`s alright ! I may not understand, why you do not ? But, that's alright too ! My point being that, if Christian's cannot disagree without being disagreeable, then no one can. Jesus loved/loves the believer and the lost. Can we do less ? I think not ! I believe our forefathers were probably more smart/intelligent than we give them credit for ! The separation of Church and Government is an absolute must. If you practice what you preach by example, that is all you must do. If Jesus loves the saved and the lost, are we to be so petty as to not love our fellowman ? I`m not saying that Republican`s are our enemy`s ! I`m saying we must love them, even if we disagree with them ! If we are to be examples of love and share our Christ, we must keep politics out of the church. Want to persuade someone to become a born again christian ? Do it by example. Not by political party. I`m a Christian and a Democrat. If you are a Christian and a Republican, I must love you and accept that fact ! I may disagree with your political philosophy. I still must love and accept you as a Christian. The next time you have a discussion with someone, who is of a different persuasion than you, try finding out, what you agree on. Then proceed to have social intercourse. I bet you will find out that you agree on more than you think you do ? ! "God Is Love"!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Health Care & A Public Option...10/16/09

As Insurance Industry Continues Its Campaign of Lies…

Obama administration officials and Congressional Democrats fired back on Monday at a misleading insurance industry report that said premiums would climb sharply with the passage of comprehensive health legislation. The report, by Price Waterhouse Coopers, was attacked on several fronts. White House officials said the industry had ignored features of the bill that would lower costs for consumers, like subsidies for people who could not afford insurance. Nancy-Ann DeParle, director of the White House Office of Health Reform, said she was surprised by the report because she met last week with Karen Ignagni, president of America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP), which commissioned the report, and they vowed to work together. Price Water house Coopers acknowledged that numbers in the report could be misconstrued. "America's Health Insurance Plans engaged Price water house Coopers to prepare a report that focused on four components of the Senate Finance Committee proposal," the company said in a statement. "As the report itself acknowledges, other provisions that are part of health reform proposals were not included in the PwC analysis." For example, Finance Committee aides said, the study assumes that a proposed 40% fee on insurers that offer high-cost insurance, and more than $100 billion in taxes on the health care industry, will be passed directly onto consumers without forcing any kind of behavioral changes by individuals or companies. In essence, the study looked at the worst-case scenario and failed to consider mitigating forces such as tax credits to purchase insurance, Democrats said. “The misleading and harmful claims made by the profit-driven insurance companies are politicking for corporate gain at its worst,” Sen. John Rockefeller (D-WV) said in a statement. “Their recent statements only further highlight that our focus here in Congress must be on the inclusion of a public health insurance option in the marketplace to protect families and put more money back in their wallets by creating greater competition and driving down costs.”

Editorial : Without a Public Option, there is no competition ! The Insurance company`s have no competitor`s. That`s not good for you and I !

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Call Congress for FREE !

How to Call Congress for Free...

Is calling Congress racking up long-distance charges on your phone bill ?
One interesting quirk about the U.S. Capitol is that there are no official toll-free lines to the Congressional switchboard.
That means you foot the bill most times you call the official number (202-224-3121 for the Senate;

(202-224-3121 for the House) with a question or concern for your elected officials.
But toll-free lines offered by different lobbyist groups present a free alternative to calling the official Congressional numbers. Some members also foot the bill for their constituents calls.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Health Care & The VEBA`s ?...10/12/09

Health Care Reform & The VEBA`S...
by : Don Jones...10/12/09

During this long debate on Reforming Health Care, I have heard very little in regard to the many existing Volunteer Eemployee's Benefit's Association`s (VEBA) and this health care reform will affect these VEBA`S ? I`m certain, it will affect them, the question is will it be a positive or negative impact ? Those Retired United Steelworkers of America (USWA) and United Auto Workers (UAW) perhaps it is time, you found out ? As I understand it, health care reform, will affect those of us retired and members of these VEBA`S ? I`d almost laugh, if it was`nt so tragic, but I believe this reform will affect us ! It is just a matter of how ? They call them Volunteer Employee`s Benefits association`s , I did`nt volunteer, did you ? I do know that, if this money in the VEBA`S is not replenished, it will soon be all gone ! It must be invested and money made on the investment. Looking at the stock market today, I cringe at that very thought. The Health Insurance Company`s are in control at the moment. That alone should worry you. Does me ! Goodyear has negotiated all of us retiree`s away. They handle my pension alone now. I`m sure CEO Bob Keegan is trying to figure out a way to get that, as well as my health benefits. I do not know who to tell you to contact in regard to your/our VEBA, perhaps Jerry Ivey or David Nelson (731)885-6641 ? Or Their local`s web-site > < Or maybe Cong. John Tanner >(731)885-7070 or his site You can be sure of one thing though, someone on wall street is trying to figure out how to get their hands on your/our VEBA money.