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What’s So Important About Collective Bargaining ?
Mike Hall

There are many reasons to fire Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) next Tuesday. But some people in Wisconsin and others who are following the recall battle between Walker, who last year eliminated the collective bargaining rights of 380,000 public employees, and Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett (D), who supports workers’ rights to bargain, are asking: What’s so important about collective bargaining in the first place ? Let’s start with the fact that collective bargaining builds and protects the middle class, not just for union members, but for all workers. Here’s how. Companies and other employers don’t just hand out fair wages and better benefits, even to employees they say they value. Middle-class wages and benefits like health care and paid sick days are built over time by working people who come together to insist on fair standards.Through their unions, working people bargain collectively with employers—both private and public—to determine their terms of employment, including pay, health care, pensions and other benefits, hours, leave, job health and safety policies, ways to balance work and family and more. Raising standards in an industry affects other workers in the industry, too, even if they aren’t part of a union. As the American Worker Project pointed out in its 2011 report “Unions Make the Middle Class,” collective bargaining draws the map for all workers to get to the middle class.
In America today, states with higher concentrations of union members have a much stronger middle class. The 10 states with the lowest percentage of workers in unions all have a relatively weak middle class. Let’s not forget another basic fact about collective bargaining. It is an internationally recognized core workers’ right. The
United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights calls it an “enabling” right—a fundamental right that ensures the ability to protect other rights. Collective bargaining also provides a check and balance to employers’ power—and yes, cities, counties and states are employers. You really can’t expect every worker to bargain his or her own terms of employment. Without collective bargaining, employers can and do unilaterally impose their own terms and conditions.Then we have the cold hard political reasons why collective bargaining is so darn important, especially for public workers like the 380,000 Wisconsin teachers, health care workers, snow plow drivers, social workers and more.
Politicians like Walker and others in the past couple of years who have attacked workers’ rights claim they are simply trying to curb spending and arrest state budget problems by eliminating collective bargaining. But just a little closer look makes it clear they want to limit the power of working people, balance budgets on the backs of working families and deliver political pay-back to corporate and wealthy campaign contributors. In Walker’s case, the elimination of collective bargaining was part of a package that included tax cuts for corporations and the wealthy and drastic cuts to health care, education and other vital working family programs. It’s no surprise that Walker’s close allies such as the extremist American Legislative Exchange Council (
ALEC), the far, far right-wing Koch Brothers and other corporate and anti-worker groups so passionately back Walker.You could even make the case that collective bargaining is a core conservative principle. In 1968, then-California Gov. Ronald Reagan (R) signed a law granting public employees collective bargaining rights. Who’s more core conservative than Reagan ? Of course, he changed his tune as president, but that’s another story. There are many reasons to fire Scott Walker next Tuesday and his attack on collective bargaining is a pretty good one.

Editorial : Actually, Unions are the only and purest form of Democracy Remaining. Where there are no UNIONS, there is no JUSTICE for WORKERS/MIDDLE CLASS ! And only two Class`s exist, Those who have(1%) and those who have not(99%) ! With Unions, we have a voice in our workplace ! Without Organizing ourselves into UNIONS, we become no more than pawns/slaves to the 1%...Remember we are the 99% ! When no unions exist, our Country will become Third world. I believe in UNIONS. With Unions, we become more responsible for our own futures ! " It is the American Way ! When you hear the term BIG UNIONS ? THERE ARE NONE .ONLY 7 % seven percent of workers belong to UNIONS in the United States ! Keep the Dream alive, join or organize into a UNION ! God Bless America " !

The corporations don't have to lobby the government anymore. They are the government.

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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

National Labor Relations Board ~ Workers Friend ?

NLRB's Flynn Resigns
Tula Connell

Terence Flynn, National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) member, resigned yesterday evening, effective July 24. He has immediately recused himself from all agency business and has asked that the President withdraw his nomination for Board Member of the NLRB.

The NLRB Inspector General earlier this year issued two reports describing how Flynn funneled confidential information about NLRB activities and deliberations, including attorney-client privileged information, to two former NLRB members who have worked to undermine and discredit the NLRB. One of those former members was Peter Schaumber—who co-chaired the labor policy advisory group for Mitt Romney’s campaign.The Inspector General found additional instances when Flynn funneled confidential information to Schaumber. These included a draft of an NLRB decision, dissents before cases have been decided and other information on the NLRB’s internal operations. According to the NLRB: Earlier today, Chairman Pearce informed NLRB employees of the resignation and, on behalf of the entire Board, thanked them for their "hard work and commitment to excellence through even the most difficult circumstances." He intends to issue a statement after communicating with the staff on Tuesday.
From the
New York Times: In one instance, Mr. Berry found that Mr. Flynn had secretly helped Mr. Schaumber write an opinion column that denounced an N.L.R.B. decision that favored labor unions. Mr. Berry called that action by Mr. Flynn “an abuse of his discretion.” The Flynn case has been referred to the Justice Department for investigation and to the Federal Office of Special Counsel, which is looking into possible violations of the Hatch Act, which bars federal employees from participating in partisan political activity. AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka called for Flynn's immediate resignation in March and Rep. George Miller (D-Calif.) called for him to resign earlier this month. Flynn was sworn in as a Board Member on Jan. 9, 2012. He joined the Board in 2003 as Chief Counsel to Schaumber, and had previously been in private practice. The letter of resignation, dated May 25, was delivered via FAX and email on May 26.

Editorial : You gotta admit, this guy had Nerve...Crooked/Greedy Nerve...But Nerve !
Update > May 29, 2012National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) member Terence Flynn resigned over the weekend. An NLRB Inspector General's investigation found that Flynn funneled confidential information about NLRB activities to people working to undermine the NLRB, including Mitt Romney's former top labor advisor.

"The corporations don't have to lobby the government anymore. They are the government".

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Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi faced some tough questions about support for Medicare and Social Security on national television this week -- and it was because of the pressure over 30,000 of your fellow progressives helped create. Democrats and Republicans !

The corporate and right-wing messaging machine spends millions of dollars to influence elected officials like Leader Pelosi, but this video proves that when our grassroots community takes action, we help to provide the progressive pressure to combat it.
Watch the video of Leader Pelosi answering to Progressives United's petition, and sign our petition to help build more pressure:
As you can see from the clip, Leader Pelosi still has yet to give an unequivocal answer about her commitment to safeguarding benefits for Social Security and Medicare. So we need to keep working.This issue is too important for us to let up now. Social Security and Medicare are two of the most successful programs in our country's history for middle- and lower-income people, and corporate lobbyists and the super rich are too often willing to spend whatever it takes to get rid of them.That’s why we’re working to pressure Leader Pelosi and other Democrats to stay true to their core progressive values and to fend off attacks on these programs -- and our pressure is working.
Watch the clip featuring our petition to Leader Pelosi and sign the petition to keep the pressure up.

Thanks for all you do, I have signed, have you ?

I have received the following comment. Please read.

Need healthcare ? I cannot leave Canada to be to be closer to my family in the US because it is unaffordable and inadequate there. Here I pay $64 monthly. In the US Part A $248 for partial coverage, and $98 Part B again, for partial coverage. I am 67.
Link to comment need healthcare! I cannot leave Canada to be to be closer to my family in the US because it is unaffordable and inadequate there. Here I pay $64 monthly. In the US Part A $248 for partial coverage, and $98 Part B again, for partial coverage. I am 67.
Link to comment

Underdog = Don Jones

"The corporations don't have to lobby the government anymore. They are the government".

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Friday, May 25, 2012




Contact Mr Holt here > < Not that it will do any good !

I have just been informed that our State Representative from Dresden, Mr. Andy Holt(R) 76th.District, has been voting against working/middle class citizens of Tennessee. Surprise, surprise, surprise. How do you like him now Tennesseans of the 76th. District ? This writer has been trying to connect with our illustrious State Rep. ever since he was elected, to no avail ! Not only, is he not interested in my opinion, he`s not interested anyone`s opinion, who does not agree with him ! Goodbye Mr. Holt, I hope ?

Trying to be as honest and forthright, as I can, Mr. Holt voted against The Jobs Package. It seems that these ideas came from our small business owners, the very people who create and make jobs for Tennesseans. Andy Holt and the Republican Majority voted against this bill ? Andy Holt and his Tea-Party colleagues refused to vote for HB 2323 the Unemployment act which would have given tax credit to any business that hired people off of the unemployment rolls. Kinda looks like Mr. Holt talks a good game, but does`nt follow through. The Republican Majority, of which Mr Holt belongs, refused to vote for HB 2079, this would have given Tennessee contractors first, keeping your tax dollars here, rather than sending to CHINA or MEXICO ? Mr. Holt`s Majority Republicans voted against HB 2314, the back to work act, which would have invested $15,000,000 in our technology centers for updating equipment and expanding programs. I heard a advertisement on our local radio station, from Mr. Holt praising our teachers and this is good. The problem is, Mr. Holt has been attacking our teachers from his first day in office. It seems that Mr. Holt is guilty of the very things, he said he was not, a typical politician, who will say one thing and vote/do another ! Folks, stuff like this is to important to make it up ! Mr. Holt has told me, I make these things up ? I have an idea, just look up his voting record ! It is as simple as chess pie, DO NOT VOTE FOR ANDY HOLT(R) Tea-Partier EVER AGAIN ! I repeat myself, "How do you like him now Tennesseans of the 76th. District ? ? ? I Don`t ! Remember, Mr Holt, know`s what`s good for you, You do not !

" two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch"! a well-armed lamb contesting the vote.

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Center Map = School Property`s for sale

Upper left = Thomas M. Cooley H.S For Sale

Upper right = Cooley H.S. Auditorium

The former Cooley High School at 15055 Hubbell Ave. in Detroit is among the buildings offered for sale on Wednesday. It closed in 2010.

Detroit Free Press

Detroit Public Schools joined with the Detroit Works program and other civic leadership Wednesday to pitch the sale of surplus school properties at an all-day conference aimed at builders, investors and developers.

The goal: To promote the adaptive reuse of the 21 "priority" sites highlighted at the conference as well as the nearly 100 total surplus Detroit Public School buildings and sites that the district has for sale. Many of the sites shown Wednesday are linked to Detroit Works priority neighborhoods -- those areas that the city wants to concentrate services in to promote stability."Reuse is so critically important," DPS emergency manager Roy Roberts told the conference attended by more than 100 potential interested parties at Sacred Heart Seminary. "School buildings last longer than most businesses. If you can find other uses for these facilities, it's a great help to the community where they are located."
Around the nation, surplus school buildings have been remade as art centers, residential lofts, theaters, historical museums and more.
Andrea Brown, executive director of the Michigan Planning Association, said old school buildings represent key assets in many urban neighborhoods. The buildings tend to be well-built, feature notable architecture, have long served as community anchors, and often come with considerable acreage that could serve many purposes.
"There are a lot of great benefits to bringing these school buildings back onto the market, and a lot of economic value, too," Brown said. At the morning session, Tammy Deane, DPS real estate manager, told listeners that the district remained open to any good idea or serious purchase offers. "We're about getting deals done and getting them done quickly," she told listeners. "We're very motivated."
In recent years, DPS has sold roughly $2 million to $4 million worth of surplus property each year. With the economy recovering, "We're optimistic that we can sell even more product," Roberts said. More information about the 21 properties highlighted at the event can be found at .
The full list of DPS surplus properties can be obtained by e-mailing Deane at If it's not new that DPS is selling off vacant school buildings, what differed about the presentation Wednesday was the collaboration with multiple other groups working to reinvent the city, including the Detroit Works program, the Michigan Association of Planning, and others. Karla Henderson, Mayor Dave Bing's group executive for planning and facilities, told the gathering that re purposing empty school buildings represents a key part of revitalizing Detroit neighborhoods."We are so open and flexible at this time in thinking outside the box," she said, citing the recent example of the nonprofit group Southwest Solutions adapting a former police precinct on West Vernor near I-75 as a community arts center as the type of adaptive reuse the city is willing to entertain. Organizers took pains to show how investors, developers and other potential buyers can get the help they need to negotiate a deal.
City Council is working on an adaptive reuse zoning ordinance that would make it easier to redevelop an old school building. And representatives of the city's Detroit Works program and the city Planning Commission were on hand to put the potential sales in a larger context of city revitalization.Those attending had mostly positive reviews of the conference."I think the collaboration is historic, because up to now it's just been demolition," said architect Michael Poris, president of the Birmingham-based McIntosh Poris Associates. Nancy Finegood, executive director of the Michigan Historic Preservation Network, chided the district for being too quick to demolish vacant school buildings."I think that there should be more consideration that these are historic buildings that have been standing for well over 100 years in many cases," Finegood said. Questions from the audience during the morning presentation also raised other concerns, among them that DPS does not give away sites, a potential roadblock for nonprofit groups that wish to reuse a building. Also, the district cannot offer potential developers tax breaks and other incentives to put together a deal; for that, developers have to go to the city or state.

“The past is the cause of the present and the present will be cause of the future” !

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Editorial : This writer spent 12 years at Cooley H.S. as the Audio-Visual, Stage Technician. What a magnificent structure and facility. It is indeed a sad day ! Such a waste.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


CWA's Cohen: America Needs a Mass Movement for Workers' Rights
Robert Struckman

The crushing of collective bargaining rights—which started 40 years ago with attacks on the rights of private-sector workers and which is aimed today at public employees—has destroyed the demand curve in America, and it will take a mass political movement to fix it, Communications Workers of America (CWA) President Larry Cohen said today.

Cohen led an informal discussion at the Center for National Policy examining strategies for addressing America’s jobs crisis. He was joined by Leo Hindery Jr. of InterMedia Partners, and the audience included former Sen. Donald Riegle Jr. (D-Mich.). Speaking candidly and, at times, passionately, Cohen estimated that the true number of U.S. jobless workers—if the under-employed and workers who have given up searching for jobs are counted—is 26 million or 27 million, at least twice the official number of 13 million active job seekers. It will take demand-fueled growth to create the kind of long-term economic upswing to provide sufficient jobs.Yet, the political movement for workers’ rights also must address the flood of corporate cash in the electoral process, Cohen said. “Money in politics, we’ve got to get it out,” he said, while saying open seats for the U.S. Senate easily cost $25 million and congressional seats cost $5 million. Also, the rules of the Senate must be streamlined, or necessary bills will never reach the desk of the president, he said. "The Senate is the worst it’s ever been,” he said. In 2008 and 2009, 400 bills that passed the House never even got to the floor of the Senate. In addition, the union movement must also target new state-level laws intended to limit the voting rights of young people, the elderly, poor people and people of color. This is voter suppression. It’s not about voter fraud, and everybody knows it. Yet the nation's underlying economic problems all come back to a basic structural problem—without the ability to bargain, workers’ wages have flat-lined for nearly 40 years. That’s why credit got out of hand—as a way for the country to continue buying without wage growth. He also said manufacturing was needed to rebuild a new American economy.

Editorial : With less than 7 % of America`s workforce union, there is no way the middle class can give enough money to candidates to make a difference. Corporate America can out money us any day of the week ! So the argument that Unions give to candidates, just does`nt fly ! Kinda like PIGS. I have been writing this article for several years now ! Wake Up America ! If you do not understand this ? It is because, you don`t want too ! UNIONS ARE NOT THE ENEMY !

Saturday, May 19, 2012



Also check out Canadian Pharmacy:

From my friend Steve Sauter in Hersey MI.

I just got word that Senator John McCain plans to introduce an amendment to the Food and Drug reauthorization act (S. 3187) to allow prescription drug importation from Canadian online pharmacies. Please join us in speaking out to support his action.Tens of thousands of Americans already rely on the virtual lifeline to medicine provided by legitimate international online pharmacies. While we believe that the amendment could be broadened to include additional countries besides Canada, this is a common sense and critical first step towards providing Americans with better access to sources of safe and affordable medicine. The FDA bill will likely go up for a full Senate vote next week. In the meantime, we urge you to email your senators. Tell them that all Americans deserve access to medicine they can afford!

Thanks for all you do,

Underdog = Don Jones

"Loyalty to country, always. Loyalty to the government when it deserves it." !

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Over 10 billion dollars. A year. Over 110 billion dollars, A decade.

That’s approximately how much we give, as taxpayers, to the Big Oil companies – we literally just give over $110 billion per decade in taxpayer funds away as corporate welfare subsidies, at a time of unemployment crisis and climate chaos. $113 billion of tax-breaks, handouts, and subsidies for the fossil fuel industry over the next 10 years. This isn't just unsustainable - it's unacceptable, and it has to end. That's why we're asking you to join Bernie Sanders, and the Other 98% in saying: Enough is enough - let's pass the End Polluter Welfare Act. Thankfully, a new piece of legislation that would repeal the giveaway has been introduced by Senator Bernie Sanders and Rep. Keith Ellison – and a left-right coalition is joining together to give it steam. The bill would strip away these outrageous subsidies. As you can imagine, the fossil fuel industry is going to fight back hard, so we need to come out as strong as possible and say: We stand with Bernie. If you think ending Big Oil's welfare checks is a no-brainer, then join us and Bernie: Say NO to Big Oil Welfare. Not only is fossil fuel the richest industry on earth, but any of us who pay taxes write it a hefty check each year. It’s as if we’re paying them a performance bonus for wrecking the climate. We’ll never get to renewable energy if we keep handing gobs of money to Big Oil, Coal and Gas.
It’s time to take a stand, and stop giving our money away to Big Oil companies that are already raking in record-breaking profits. Join us.

Thank you for all you do,

Underdog = Don Jones

" two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch"! a well-armed lamb contesting the vote.

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012


by Underdog = Don Jones <> 5/16/12

This writer has not written anything about Titan Tire and Rubber Company, in Union City Tennessee, the former Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company, in a time now. I have heard rumors that they are now working approximately 100 employees. All hiring is done through Hamilton/Rycker or a job placement facility. You report to work at Titan, you are hired and paid through These job placement facility`s. I`m told that wages range from $8.00 per hour to $17.00 per hour. Remember, these job placement facility`s get their share out of those amounts. There are no fringe benefits. No Health insurance. No benefits of any kind. No vacation or time off. I`m being told, that as soon as they are up and running, a continuous operation will be put in place. I do know, that Titan and the United Steelworkers are in negotiations in Ohio and Illinois ! Trust me, Titan does not want a Free-Democratic Union in Union City ! I`m elated on the one hand, that jobs are being made available in Union City Tennessee. On the other hand, these jobs are going to be less than you might think. One can only hope and pray, that safety is not one of the benefits that is totally ignored ? The rubber industry is a classified as a heavy industry. Goodyear/Titan ? are they really the same ? I`ve been informed, that Titan is running Banbury`s 7 and 8 daily. They intend to operate the wire calendars. They intend to build tires for Caterpillar ? I have also learned that Titan intends to top out at 900 employees sometime this year ? If you now work at Titan Union City, and would like to correct me on any of this, please feel free to do so. I will keep your comments/corrections strictly confidential ! Remember, I worked in the Union City Tennessee for almost 25 years. I have some fond memory`s of this once great plant.

“The past is the cause of the present and the present will be cause of the future” !

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Monday, May 14, 2012



Click here for more facts >

I need your help. CEO pay is out-of-control, but we have a chance to rein it in. CEOs of the largest companies now make 380 times the pay of the average worker in the United States. Yes, that's right. 380 times ! This growing income inequality is hurting our nation's economy and working families. Luckily, some small steps have been taken to bring CEO pay out into the open but, as The New York Times editorialized recently,(1) corporate lobbyists are pressuring the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to drag its feet about making this information public. Click here now to tell the SEC to take a step in the right direction and disclose CEO-to-worker pay ratios. [ ]

Runaway CEO pay is bad for our economy and it's bad for the morale of working families. Employees at every level, from the executive suite to the mailroom, contribute to making a company successful. But companies act as if CEOs alone are responsible for the success of their organizations. That's why the average CEO of an S&P 500 company received a 13.9 percent raise in 2011 compensation--to an astounding $12.94 million.Tell the SEC: Make CEO pay more transparent by disclosing CEO-to-worker pay ratios. [ ]

The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act requires public companies to disclose CEO-to-worker pay ratios. Disclosing these pay ratios will shame companies into stopping runaway CEO pay. But corporate executives are lobbying hard to keep this pay information secret. We need to let the SEC know that a few corporate lobbyists advocating for the interests of the 1% does not outweigh the views of working families who feel CEO pay has run amok. Click here now to send a quick e-mail to the SEC and demand that the CEO-to-worker pay ratio disclosure rule be issued ASAP. [ ]

Thank you for all you do,

Underdog = Don Jones

In solidarity, AFL-CIO "

P.S. Want more info on CEO pay and how it is hurting our economy? ""Check out our CEO Pay and the 99% website." [ ]1

Editorial : GREED i$ alive and well at the CEO level ! How much is enough ?

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Monday, May 07, 2012


Senator Bob Corker(R)Tennessee Practices Shallow, Self-Serving Politics...

Contact Senator Corker here >

This weekend Sen. Bob Corker(R) delivered the GOP's Weekly Address, in which, he called for "pro-growth tax reform" that eliminates tax loopholes. Yet just five weeks ago, Corker voted against a bill that would have eliminated tax loopholes for the Oil & Gas Industry. Corker has a thousand excuses for why he voted to protect big oil's tax loopholes, but this shallow brand of politics is destructive and disgraceful. Tennesseans only see a hypocritical, self-serving politician watching out for one job — his own.
FIVE WEEKS AGO: Bob Corker Votes AGAINST Closing Tax Loopholes For Big Oil. On March 29, 2012 the Senate voted on a cloture motion on legislation to end subsidies to oil companies and to continue subsidies in alternative energy that are scheduled to end. Specifically, the bill would have ended or limited subsidies to oil and natural gas companies while extending subsides for wind companies and biofuel companies. The legislation
failed to pass a cloture motion through a mostly party line vote. Bob Corker voted against the legislation to end oil subsidies. [ABC News, 3/29/2012;, 3/29/2012]
THIS WEEKEND: Corker said "We Need" to Close Tax "Loopholes." “We need pro-growth tax reform. This means simplifying the tax code and doing away with most, if not all, of the $1.2 trillion in loopholes and tax expenditures that Congress has created to try to drive your behavior. This would allow us to broaden the tax base and lower rates for everyone." [GOP Weekly Address,
Confused? Don't be.
Big Oil & Gas Industry Has Given Corker $467,950 Since His '06 Campaign for U.S. Senate. Corker, a member of the
committee that oversees the Oil & Gas Industry, has raked in nearly a half million dollars worth of campaign contributions from the Oil & Gas Industry since 2006, according to the Center for Responsive Politics. [ , accessed 5/7/2012]

Editorial : Senator Bob Corker(R) is not, I repeat is not for working class Tennesseans ! He votes against minimum wage and for BIG OIL ! WAKE UP TENNESSEANS ! Good Ole Bob, never met a millionaire he did`nt like. Such a charade !

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Friday, May 04, 2012



It`s What The Republicans call ObamaCare ! I love it !

Affordable Care Act Has Saved Seniors $3.4 Billion on Prescriptions A new report out by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) says that the 2010 Affordable Care Act has helped seniors and people with disabilities with Medicare save a total of $3.4 billion on prescription drugs from the enactment of the law through March of 2012 []. According to CMS, in the first three months of 2012 alone, more than 220,000 people saved an average of $837 on the prescription drugs they purchased after they hit the prescription drug donut hole, for a total of $184.5 million in savings. The federal agency noted that in 2010 and 2011, more than 5.1 million people with Medicare saved over $3.2 billion on prescription drugs. “This is yet another reminder that President Obama’s health law is good for seniors. But too many seniors do not know this – we must redouble our efforts to educate our friends and neighbors,” the latest fact sheet on the issue Download a printable version of this document

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Grow Your Own Organs

The Exciting Future:

Click here for more news >

There's an 80% chance that in five months Bill Weir will be the first person ever to see his cardiac tissue beating outside his body. Last week Bill visited Dr. Tim Nelson at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota to report on a revolutionary new stem cell treatment that would have sounded like science fiction even five years ago. Different from the controversial embryonic stem cell treatment, Dr. Nelson's team took a biopsy from Bill's Bicep and are in the process of turning those cells into his own beating cardiac tissue; tissue that will beat at the same rate as the heart in his chest. And this isn't just for the heart. After the biopsy is taken, doctors are able to wipe the hard drive of the cells and use them to create brain and lung tissue as well. What this means is that in the future you may be able to go to your doctor and deposit a batch of cells, and if you have a stroke or heart attack later in life they'll be able to use those cells to repair the damage.

Editorial : Remember, all knowledge is/comes from God ! Pray that this new knowledge is developed quickly. Praise God !

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Wednesday, May 02, 2012


Tell Lawmakers What You Think — With One Click

I heard your complaints. Writing Congress is now easier than ever.

During the relaunch of last week, they removed the requirement that you register and log in every time you want to write your lawmakers.

Now, all you need to do is click on the words "Join the Conversation, Write Your Lawmakers" in the upper-right corner of the site.

Or, you can click on the link below to be taken to a form to write all of your federal representatives at one time.

Click here > Write all your federal representatives at one time.

Click here > Write all of your state lawmakers at one time.

These Elected Officials, need to hear from you and hear from you often !

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