Monday, February 27, 2012

Free Democratic Trade Unions Under Attack by Rep. Andy Holt (R) District#76-Tennessee

State Rep. Andy Holt(R)-Weakley & Carroll Counties-Sponsors Anti-American Bill (HB3815) !
Contact Rep. Holt here > <

Legislative Alert #1

CONTACT HOUSE GENERAL SUBCOMMITTEE OF JUDICIARY STRONGLY OPPOSE (HB3815) by Rep. Andy Holt (R) (upper left), District#76- BEFORE Wednesday Feb. 29th at 3:30pm.

What this bill does: Criminalizes the act of mass picketing in various cases including at any business, school, or private facility, but not a government building or facility. See the bill here or below <

Why I/We oppose this bill : The First Amendment protects individuals' right to free expression. The First Amendment ensures that individuals have the right to speak, publish, assemble and protest, no matter the content of their speech. In fact, the First Amendment exists precisely to protect the most controversial, hateful or obnoxious speech from government suppression. The guarantees of the First Amendment demonstrate that the best way to counter problematic speech is always with more speech, not less speech.

Who to contact: When you contact these Rep.`s - Just tell them you oppose HB 3815 ! I wrote each one an e-mail ! Please help.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Legislative Alert #2


What this bill does: Stops local governments from creating wage, benefit, and other regulations which go above what is required by state law.
See the bill here > <

Why I/We oppose this bill: The state should be setting a floor for employment regulations, not a ceiling. Local Governments should have the right to set their own minimum wages—higher if they choose ! By allowing cities to enact adequate prevailing wage or living wage laws takes away incentives to hire undocumented workers. Local governments should be allowed to determine if conditions require more employee protections or benefits rather than setting a “one size fits all standard” for the whole state. Who to contact:

Editorial : Rep. Holt does`nt like me very much. I can live with that. He does`nt represent me, I do live in District#76. I`m not sure who he`s listening too ? He seems like a nice young man, what little I`ve been around him. He evidently does`nt understand the constitution or does`nt want too ? Freedom to picket is freedom of assembly. Mr. Holt, I live in your District#76, I will be glad to talk and explain it to you. Try to get in touch with your constituency and stop listening to whoever you are ! This is no more than a Anti-Union Bill ! Mr. Holt, being anti-union is being anti-American ! I realize that you know, what`s good for me. Maybe, just maybe, I know what`s good for me !

" two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for a well-armed lamb contesting the vote."

Fiat Lux


February 11, 2012

SUMMARY OF BILL: Creates a Class C misdemeanor offense for a person who, without legal privilege, engages in any form of mass picketing that constitutes an obstacle to or from a place of employment entrance; that prevents the pursuit of any lawful work or employment; that involves a person wearing a mask, hood, or otherwise to conceal the identity of the person; or that constitutes violence, threats of violence, or intimidation. Includes mass picketing of a private residence to the extent not protected by the federal or state constitutions but excludes from this section mass picketing of any government building or facility. Specifically states that the offense includes engaging in targeted picketing of a private residence with the intended effect of interfering with the resident’s right to quiet enjoyment or the intended effect of violence or intimidation, except for private residences that are also places of employment. Affords such a private person or business relief court action to enjoin the behavior. Defines “mass picketing” as the assembly of persons in the use of pickets or demonstrations at or near any business, school, or private facility.

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