Monday, June 28, 2010

Social Security ~ A Lifeline for the Nations Seniors !

Philly Activists Tell Deficit Commission:

‘Hands Off Social Security’ !
by Tula Connell, Jun 28, 2010

Yael Foa, AFL-CIO senior field representative for the Northeast Region, joined activists in Philadelphia for the America Speaks town hall, to forestall possible moves by the deficit commission to cut $ocial $ecurity. More than 30 union and community activists took part in the America Speaks town hall meeting Saturday in Philadelphia, holding signs and distributing fliers to get our message out to town hall participants and pedestrians walking by: Social Security isn’t causing the nation’s budget deficit, cutting entitlement and safety net programs will make matters worse, and the best way to reduce the deficit is to invest in the jobs programs and get America back to work. Signs included “America before Wall Street,” “Social Security belongs to the people,” “Hands off my Social Security,” “Jobs for America now” and some related to health care. Unions that participated include AFT, AFSCME, CWA, UFCW, SEIU and Working America. Community groups included Jobs with Justice,, Penn Action, Social Security Works, Jewish Labor Committee, Concerned Youth of America, Philadelphia Unemployment Project, Neighborhood Network, Socialist Action, MainLine Peace Action, Montgomery County Democracy for America and others.

Editorial : Don`t fix it, if it isn`t broken !

Friday, June 25, 2010

Republicans Love the Rich !

Friday, June 18, 2010 Posted by Jim Hightower(left)

Jon Kyl(Middle) is a bleeding-heart conservative. Does he bleed for the downtrodden? Or – as Jesus said – for "the least of these"? No, no, Kyl's heart bleeds for those with the most! The right-wing Arizona senator practically weeps for the wealthiest two-tenths of one percent of American families that have estates worth from $1 million to $5 million. What causes Kyl's eyes to brim with tears is that these privileged ones will have to pay an estate tax on wealth above a million bucks, unless Congress exempts them from the oppressive burden of helping to shoulder the cost of America's highways, parks, schools, military, water purity, and other public services we all count on. I'm sure that the other 99.8 percent of us share their pain and appreciate the Republican senate leader's deep empathy for multimillionaires. How deeply is he touched? Earlier this year, Kyl tried to scuttle an extension of benefits for America's rising tide of unemployed workers, demanding that his favored constituency of superrich families first be given hundreds of billions of dollars in estate tax cuts. He failed in this mission of mercy for millionaires, but he recently came right back with an amendment to derail a proposal to help America's hard-hit small businesses get desperately-needed loans. Forget Main Street, wailed the senator from Easy Street, unless and until we exempt estates worth up to $5 million from the tragedy of taxation. How much would Kyl's tax cut for the elites take from America's public treasury? More than $80 billion a year, which is what the 2009 estate tax on these rich ones brought in. But, hey, says the jovial plutocrat, we can make that up by slashing programs that benefit the middle class and the poor. See, it’s just a matter of getting your priorities straight. Guys like Kyl profess their love for small business, but they always stay true to the rich. "Kyl Stymies Small Business Bill By Threatening To Attach Amendment Slashing Taxes For Multimillionaires," , May 27, 2010.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Health Care Reform and Seniors ? Better Listen Up !

So how does the new Health reform bill affect Seniors and their Families ?

At Tuesday's White House town-hall meeting, President Obama and his top health care advisor discussed that very issue. If you didn't get a chance to watch it live, you can watch the whole thing here -- or even skip ahead to hear the question you want answered. We've seen nasty rumors flying around about health reform since Congress started debating it last year -- even some claiming falsely that this would cut guaranteed Medicare benefits. This question-and-answer session was about making sure everyone knows the facts. As the President said in his opening remarks, "Medicare isn't just something that you're entitled to when you reach 65 -- it's something that you've earned. It's something that you've worked a lifetime for, having the security of knowing that Medicare will be there when you need it. It's a sacred and inviolable trust between you and your country."
Watch the town-hall meeting here -- and share the link with friends to help get out the truth about health reform:

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Republicans Rob from The Poor and Give to The Rich !

The Republicans in Congress are attacking the new health care law and their key strategy is to Lie about it.

(1.) How do we fight back ? By telling the truth about the concrete ways the new law improves people's lives.
Yesterday thousands of seniors gathered with President Obama to participate in a national tele-townhall in Wheaton, Maryland to combat the fraud and misinformation being spread about health reform.

(2 .)Click here to forward this email to 5 people you know so they can learn the facts.

The truth is that the new law strengthens the financial health of Medicare and reduces unwarranted subsidies that have lined the pockets of insurance company CEOs and Wall Street big wigs. The truth is that it gives seniors more control over their health care and they will save thousands of dollars by closing the Medicare "donut hole," including the $250 rebate checks mailed this month.

(3.)Click here to download a great fact sheet about closing the prescription drug coverage gap and to send it to 5 people you know.

The insurance industry lobbyists and their Republican lackeys are spreading lies about reform to hijack it and interfere with its implementation.

(4.) We can never let that happen.

Editorial : E-mail your Senator and Congressman, let them know, you are watching them ! > If you live in Tennessee Click below or the title of this article !

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