Sunday, October 31, 2010

Want to work until you're 70?

Seniors, better wake up ! A senior voting for Republicans, is like a chicken voting for Col. Sanders....

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

National & Tennessee Transplant Waiting List ! <>8/05/11

The Gift of Life...The Only Cost is a Little Love !

By: Don Jones...9/06/11

National Transplant Waiting of ~ 8/05/11










Tennessee Transplant Waiting List:









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"Give The Gift of Life, Be an Organ/Tissue Donor, Its The Masonic Thing to Do"!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Joint Committee on Social Security ~ Issues Report ~ Not Good !

Panel's Report Rebuts GOP Proposals for Changes to Social Security
By Vicki Needham - 10/21/10

The Joint Economic Committee has released a report that shows that Republican proposals to make changes to Social Security would result in benefit cuts for millions and put the program's solvency in jeopardy. The report shows that two aspects of GOP plans — privatizing and progressive price indexing — would cuts the benefits of millions of middle-income workers and put nearly 50 percent of seniors at risk of living in poverty without Social Security benefits, compared with 10 percent who face poverty under the program. The issue has become a central focus in several House elections as the mid-term elections approach although it hasn't been an issue raised recently by Congress. "This report highlights that it is unwise to look to the stock market for a guaranteed annuity," said JEC Chairwoman Carolyn Maloney, (D-N.Y.). "We all know all too well that the stock market is subject to wild swings. We cannot afford to roll the dice with our seniors’ retirement security." The report, "Unnecessary Risk: The Perils of Privatizing Social Security," focused its analysis on recently revived Republican proposals to privatize the program by allowing future retirees to divert a portion of their payroll taxes to individual investment accounts. Under GOP proposals, according to the report, private accounts are unlikely to provide a guaranteed retirement annuity, indexed for inflation, as the current Social Security system provides. The report also found that allowing current contributors to divert funds out of the general Social Security fund into private accounts will "exacerbate the shortfall in revenues for current and future retirees as well as for current and future recipients of disability and survivors insurance." As an example, the report showed that an annuity purchased by a worker who retired in 2008 would replace only 40 percent of their final income, down from 87 percent replacement just two years earlier. So a worker expecting an annuity of $867 per month in 2006 would have received $399 per month if they retired in 2008.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Corporations Take Our Tax Money and Run to Other Country`s

Tuesday, October 19, 2010 Posted by Jim Hightower

The Federal Reserve, which controls America's monetary policy, says it is trying to invigorate job creation in our country by slashing interest rates to the bone. This move allows big corporations to borrow money for next to nothing, so they can expand and start hiring again.

Great goal ! How's it working out ?

Well, the first step has gone splendidly, with such giants as DuPont, Hertz, IBM, Microsoft, and PepsiCo rushing to grab the windfall. They've borrowed hundreds of billions of dollars interest rates of less than one percent. However, there's been quite a stumble on step two of the Fed's plan. Rather than putting this enormous stash of cash to work for America, the corporations are simply squirreling it away for their own enrichment, refusing to spend it on the job expansion that our economy desperately needs. For example, Microsoft – one of the richest corporations on Earth – amassed nearly $5 billion under this "opportunistic borrowing" scheme, yet has put none of the cheap money into job creation. Instead, it is using a big chunk of it to buy back stock from its own shareholders – a move that merely profits the handful of rich elites who control Microsoft.
Worse, such corporate powers as Hertz and PepsiCo are using the funds to take over competitors. These consolidations will actually cut jobs, while reducing consumer choices and raising our prices. Indeed, there's no provision in the Fed's program to keep the giants from investing the money in foreign expansion, thus offshoring more American Jobs. This is Jim Hightower saying... And there's the rub in nearly all of Washington's indirect job creation efforts – officials blithely dole out billions and even trillions to corporations and banks, with no strings attached. So the big shots and ba****** gleefully grab the money and run.

"Easy Borrowing By Corporations Spurs Few Jobs," The New York Times, October 4, 2010.

Editorial : At times, even I cannot imagine, how we have operated and survived some of these Greedy CEO`S ! Our Race to the Bottom Continues !

Friday, October 01, 2010

STOP Tax-PAYER SUSIDIZING of JOBS to Be Moved Over Seas !

Republicans Support Off-Shoring Jobs
By Leo W. Gerard
USW International President

Like the clear results on a pH test strip, the vote in the U.S. Senate this week on the Creating American Jobs and Ending Off-shoring Act showed Republicans’ true color: Red. Red for China. Or Indonesia. Or Mexico. Or anywhere multi-national corporations get tax breaks for exporting American jobs. In this test of loyalty, every Republican in the Senate voted for corporate profits over American workers. No fluke, this is a GOP pattern. The red party has consistently sided with giant corporations to the detriment of the American economy and American workers. In voting against health care reform, Republicans chose giant health insurance corporations over uninsured Americans. In opposing financial reform, Republicans embraced Wall Street over the taxpayers who bailed out the big banks and don’t want to do it again. Republicans vainly attempted to rationalize those votes as opposing big government. There’s no big government issue in the Creating American Jobs and Ending Off-shoring Act. That Act would have removed tax incentives the U.S. government gives corporations when they close domestic factories, fire American workers and move production overseas. And, conversely, the Act would have instituted tax incentives for corporations to return foreign employment to U.S. soil. Every Republican in the Senate voted against the Act. They voted to continue forcing Americans to give tax breaks to corporations to ship their jobs overseas. The GOP said it is right and proper for Americans to pay multi-national corporations to kill American jobs. And Republicans said it would be wrong to do the opposite -- to use American tax dollars to encourage corporations to move off-shored jobs back to the U.S.
whose first priority is American workers, are pushing a 17-bill Make it in America plan. The Creating American Jobs and Ending Offshoring Act is part of that effort to bolster domestic industry and employment. With unemployment stuck at 9.6 percent and with the U.S. trade deficit destroying or displacing 5.6 million jobs -- 70 percent of them good-paying manufacturing jobs -- in just one year – 2007, Democrats developed their plan to preserve American industry and jobs. Recent surveys of likely voters suggest the Democrats’ Make it in American plan is exactly what Americans want. A bi-partisan polling team that conducted a survey of likely voters for the Alliance for American Manufacturing in April found that large majorities believe that manufacturing strength is crucial to U.S. economic security and that the government should fortify American industry. These voters told the pollsters that they believe America no longer leads the world in manufacturing but could again with proper support. The can-do-it attitude is realistic based on recent on-shoring by American manufacturers. General Electric is moving production of its energy-efficient water heaters from China to the U.S. Caterpillar and NCR, a technology company,are doing the same. A survey in June found 21 percent of North American manufacturers brought production into or closer to the U.S. in the previous three months and another 38 percent planned to research doing that. Manufacturers gave USA Today numerous reasons for this repatriation. Chinese wages and shipping costs have risen. They also cited poor quality of foreign manufactured goods; theft of intellectual property; inability to respond to customer demand because of long product delivery times, and the need to keep the assembly line close to engineers and suppliers. The trade publication, Supply Chain Digest, quoted two experts in a story about the on-shoring trend in August: “George Stalk, a consultant at Boston Consulting Group, has led research efforts showing the inventory benefits for high margin, fashion-oriented goods from bringing production at least back to North America almost always trump the value of lower manufacturing costs in Asia. Those benefits come from both not losing sales from being out of stock and not getting stuck with obsolete inventory that a company can’t sell or must mark down dramatically.” And, the story quoted Jeremy Leonard, a consultant for Manufacturers Alliance/MAPI: “A lot of companies who have gone there to take advantage of cheap labor are starting to tell us that if you (calculate) total cost and don't just look at wages, it's actually not worth it." Democrats sought to nurture and expand the repatriation trend. But like numerous Make it in America bills passed by the U.S. House, Republicans in the Senate killed the Creating American Jobs and Ending Off-shoring Act. And they did it with a filibuster. Democrats had the majority with 53 votes for the measure, but Republicans, as they have all year, blocked passage by demanding a super-majority of 60.
The next test for Republicans will occur Nov. 2. In the mid-term election, Americans red-in-the-face angry at the GOP for extending tax breaks to corporations that expatriate American jobs can show Republican politicians what it feels like to lose a job.

Editorial : Tennessee`s Two Republican Senators were among the Wolve`s ! Wake up Tennesseans ~