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Underdogs Blog...Re-Published July. 04, 2012


By Underdog = Don Jones

Occasionally, I see a need to re-publish this particular blog ! One of those occasions is now. I have some readers, who do not agree with me. Hey, That's fine. However, they seem to get bent all out of shape. Perhaps they need to read again !
Your Friend, I hope ? Underdog = Don Jones ... I wrote this almost three years ago, my views have not changed !

I publish this blog, called Underdog almost daily. I write about things, I think, I know about ? For instance, I write about Organ/Transplantation. I write about Unions. I write about healthcare. I write a little about Pulmonary Hypertension. At times I am very opinionated. I do not ask that you agree with me, I do ask that when you disagree with me, that your comments on my blog be without curse words/profanity. I do not use them in my blog. I must insist that your comments be curse free. If they are not without curse words, that`s your prerogative. However, that particular comment will be deleted. That's my rule ! If you choose to write your comments anonymously that too is fine, however I may not publish. I am a Democrat most of the time. Although, I have voted Republican. I am a voter of platforms and programs. Thus, the platform of the Democrats, usually fit my needs. I feel that if you are a Republican voter, you are mostly with and not without. You are white collar not blue collar. I feel if you are opposed to health care reform, you are both with and have great insurance ! I`m a Democrat who opposes gun control. I am a Democrat who opposes abortion. If you want to carry a gun, and I do ! Get licensed. I am ! You don't want or believe in abortion, don`t have one ! As for myself and my family, I view it as our decision, not your`s ! I believe in Free Democratic Trade Unions ! I belong to one. In my state of Tennessee, we have a law called (Right to Work) I call it, "Right to Work for Less"! You are not required by law to join a union. If you do not wish to join, don`t ! You must understand, that I do not agree with that law, but, I am a law abiding citizen, thus I do abide by it ! I believe we should have term limits for our politicians. Congress was never intended to be a life-time occupation. We have them for our President and in Tennessee we have them for our Governor. Why not Congress and the Senate ? I once had a politician tell me, he could`nt be bought, but, he could be rented for a little while. I had a problem with that statement. I am a practicing Christian. I believe in separation of church and state. I have seen my church lose members over the years, because they turned into a political action committee(PAC). Let your conviction be tempered by your love for your fellow man. Let your example be that of Love, Hope and Charity ! I am a Freemason, Do not ever give up on our democracy. Vote ! Demand that your voice be heard and that you stay in touch/contact with your elected Representative`s. When you do disagree with someone, disagree with kindness, not hate or disgust. My e-mail address is on my blog. You can contact me via e-mail. . You can make comments on my blog, I encourage you to do so. Just be agreeable or disagreeable, not ugly ! If you have items of interest you would like to see published, just forward them to this writer. Now, understand, I am the publisher, I will decide what is published and what is not ! If you wish to save my web-address for my blog, just click on the title or the following link. two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. a well-armed lamb contesting the vote.

Dear Don, 2/02/12

Read the blog. You just seem reasonable to me. Evidently our system doesn't work on that plain.

Steve Sauter, Hersey MI.

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and put it in your favorites.With warmest regard, I remain Stick a Fork in Me, I`m Done !
UNDERDOG = Don Jones !

P.S. I hope this gives you a better insight as to my thinking and the positions I take on certain subjects 
Fiat Lux

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