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Censorship of Internet..Bad Idea !

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All This week Congress is debating whether to grant themselves the power to turn off parts of the Internet. Fun sites like YouTube. Informative sites like Wikipedia. Political sites like Move If enacted, new laws would force Internet Service Providers to block websites that any corporation suspects violates a copyright or suspects, doesn't monitor it's users' content close enough for copyrighted materials. That means that any website, foreign or based in the U.S.,could be wiped out on suspicion and made unavailable to everyone in the world.This week there will be a historic filibuster of the Internet Censorship Act where the names of every person that signs a petition against Internet censorship will be read. I added my name. Please add yours too.

Thanks for all you do !

Editorial : This is like banning books. Thanks to Steve Sauter for this one. How/Who introduced this bill ?

Tuesday, November 29, 2011



Titan Tire Corporation of Union City, a subsidiary of Titan International, Inc. (NYSE: TWI), has purchased the physical assets of Goodyear’s Union City closed tire plant.

Titan notified Goodyear of its interest in certain equipment after discovering that Goodyear was selling the assets. Following are the general terms of the agreement: Titan purchased approximately 480 acres of land.
Titan purchased the building consisting of approximately 2.1 million square feet.
Titan agrees it will not produce radial passenger or SUV tires at the factory.
Titan agrees to scrap all curing presses and tire building equipment that Goodyear requests to be scrapped. Titan will retain the scrap value.
Goodyear will have until June 2012 to remove the equipment they wish to retain.
Goodyear employees and its contractors will have access to the facility to remove retained equipment. Titan has immediate access to the factory to allow inspection of the condition of all banbury equipment and steel and fabric calendar lines. Titan will evaluate what needs to be done with the equipment.
Titan has not yet decided how it plans to utilize the Tennessee location except to warehouse farm and OTR tires and to have a single equipment rebuilding operation for the machines. The decision on whether Titan will keep the equipment in Union City or move the equipment to other Titan tire factory locations will not be made until mid 2012. The mixing capacity with the equipment Titan purchased could allow an additional $1 billion in future sales and increase Titan’s output of farm and OTR tires going forward when, as stated, a decision is made.
This transaction happened fast so we have a lot of work to do to see what gives Titan the largest savings,” stated Maurice Taylor, Chairman and CEO of Titan International.(upper left) “Titan paid Goodyear approximately $9 million for this acquisition, but we do not know yet how much we will get back from all the scrap machinery. I appreciate there have been a lot of comments on this acquisition but until we have decided exactly what we plan to do this is really all we can say.” Titan International, Inc., a holding company, owns subsidiaries that supply wheels, tires and assemblies for off-highway equipment used in agricultural, earthmoving/construction and consumer (including all terrain vehicles) applications. For more information, visit

Editorial : Let`s see, Titan purchases Goodyear Plant Union City for $9 million dollars. The deal transpired so fast, Mr. Taylor, does`nt know, what exactly he is going to do with it ? Could be. I think, they(TITAN) know exactly what they are going to do with it !

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One Union Worker from Omaha Says: We NeedMade in America’
by Robert Struckman,
Nov 28, 2011

Bill Redler of Omaha, Neb., knows both the hard times of the American construction worker today and the right way forward.

The union plumber, whose first child is on the way, tries not to spend a penny on anything, unless it’s made in America.

“I’ve gotten militant about it, and it turns out that it’s not that hard. We’ve got to quit buying from China. We’ve got to start taxing companies if they want to send jobs to China and then sell products here. That’s the bottom line. We need to be building everything here….Made in America,” he said. Redler may be a plumber (and a major fan of the University of Nebraska Cornhuskers) who has worked on just about anything that involves pipes, but he knows that without manufacturing jobs, America’s economy has no solid base.“There’s no work in this town right now,” he said. “It’s been like that for about three years. I’d work for a while, get laid off for about a month. It was hit and miss…here and there….Right now, there are 115 guys sitting.” Redler’s most recent layoff was more than a month ago. He’ll soon travel to Washington to fight for jobs and an extension of unemployment benefits for the long-term jobless. A record number of workers have been unable to find jobs for 99 weeks or more…more than 6 million. He hopes he won’t find himself in that situation, but he knows it could happen. And he knows it’s time for action.“We know how to organize and demand what’s right, and that’s what we’re going to do,” Redler said.

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Lobbyist Gutting Safety ? You Bet`Cha !

Big Corporations...Running Wild !

Contact your Congressman here >

Massive corporations hate being held accountable when their recklessness and greed hurt our economy, our environment and people in our communities — and they’re spending millions on lobbyists and campaign contributions to put their priorities on top.So instead of policies that would actually help put Americans back to work, Congress this week is focusing on what the corporate lobbyists want: deregulation.The House of Representatives is set to vote later this week on bills that would sabotage the regulatory system and further rig the economy in favor of the top 1 percent. Don’t let it happen.Tell your representative: VOTE NO on deregulation. Here’s what you need to know about the THREE deregulatory bills coming to a vote this week: The REINS Act (H.R. 10) would block all new safeguards put in place by regulatory agencies from going into effect unless Congress affirmatively adopts them. Given the gridlock in Congress, this means the regulatory system would grind to a halt. Essentially, the REINS Act would undermine the whole point of having agencies like the Environmental Protection Agency and the Occupational Health and Safety Administration — agencies that exist precisely because Congress cannot and will not write all the rules necessary to protect the public from business practices that endanger our health, environment and economy.The Regulatory Accountability Act (H.R. 3010) and the Regulatory Flexibility Improvements Act (H.R. 527) would take a different approach, adding hurdles that would make it virtually impossible for agencies to write new rules. Passage of any of these bills would have devastating results: virtually no new standards to ensure a clean environment, a fair and stable economy, or safe food, consumer products and workplaces.This is the way Corporate America wants Washington to work. Instead of protecting people and our environment, priority is being given to those who profit by exploiting and polluting our communities.The public’s power to prevent wrongdoing and hold reckless businesses accountable should be strengthened, not weakened.Urge Congress to support safeguards that protect our financial security, our health and our environment.Then follow up your message with a call:Dial 1-888-291-9824 This toll-free number will connect you with the U.S. Capitol switchboard. When the operator answers, ask to be connected with your representative’s office.All you have to do is tell the staffer who answers the phone that you want your representative to VOTE NO on H.R. 10, H.R. 3010 and H.R. 527.

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Americas Wealth Being Siphoned to Rich ! You Bet~Cha

Shoveling America's Wealth to the Top
Tuesday, November 8, 2011 Posted by Jim Hightower

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As an old country saying puts it, "Money is like manure – it does no good unless you spread it around."

Yet, America's corporate and political leaders have intentionally been shoveling wealth into an ever-bigger pile for those at the top. They've gotten away with this by lying to the great majority, which has seen its share of America's prosperity steadily disappear. Yes, they've told us, the rich are getting richer, but that's just the natural workings of the new global economy, in which financial elites are rewarded for their exceptional talents, innovation, and bold risk-taking.
Horse dooties. The massive redistribution of America's wealth from the many to the few is happening because the rich and their political puppets have rigged the system. Years of subsidized offshoring and downsizing, gutting labor rights, monkeywrenching the tax code, legalizing financial finagling, dismantling social programs, increasing the political dominance of corporate cash – these and other self-serving acts of the moneyed powers have created the conveyor belt that's moving our wealth from the grassroots to the penthouses. Not since the Gilded Age, which preceded and precipitated the Great Depression, have so few amassed so much of our nation's riches. Having learned nothing from 1929's devastating crash, nor from their own bank failures in 2008 that crushed our economy, the wealthiest of the wealthy fully intend to keep taking more for themselves at our expense. Now, however, the people are onto their lies.
In an October poll, two-thirds of Americans support increased taxes on millionaires, an end to corporate tax subsidies, and policies to more evenly distribute the wealth we all help create. This is rising egalitarianism shows the true American character, and it's changing our politics – for the better.

"It's Official: The Rich Get Richer," The New York Times, October 26, 2011.

"The Wall Street Protesters May Have Picked The Right City for Their Campaign," The New York Times," October 26, 2011.

"New Poll Finds A Deep Distrust Of Government," The New York Times, October 26, 2011

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Friday, November 25, 2011

Hoffa on the Economy !

By Teamsters General President James P. Hoffa

Published The Detroit News on November 9, 2011

The two fastest-growing states in the United States today are Michigan and North Dakota. And they are defying conventional wisdom about how to create jobs.
North Dakota deposits its tax revenue in its own bank, which invests the money in the state's economy. Unlike the biggest Wall Street banks, it is run at a profit using conservative banking practices. Top executives are paid modestly. The bank works with communities to help borrowers retain jobs, create technology and support retail, small business and essential community services. It's a key reason why North Dakota is the fastest-growing state in the country. Here in Michigan, federal government loans propped up leading manufacturers. Those loans enabled the industry to retool. The government also targeted loans to clean energy manufacturing — an industry deemed important to the country's economic future. We are now the second fastest-growing state in the country, according to a recent Bloomberg News study.The study gathered data on six things: job creation, personal income, tax revenue, housing prices, mortgage delinquencies and the performance of Bloomberg stock indexes that track share prices of local companies. Bloomberg attributes Michigan's success to the revival of the auto industry. Chrysler and GM have emerged from bankruptcy and benefited from an $82 billion loan. Chrysler just raised its earnings estimate for its first yearly profit to $600 million. GM's Chevy Cruze was the best-selling car in the country in June. And Ford recently reported its ninth-straight quarterly profit. Sure, things aren't great in Michigan, but they're looking up. The UAW just signed contracts with the Big Three automakers that raises starting pay and offers signing bonuses. The automakers are bringing jobs back from overseas. Some people will claim North Dakota benefits from an oil boom. Well, Alaska and Montana have oil, and their unemployment rate is 7.7 percent. North Dakota's is 3.3 percent.
Michigan and North Dakota show that government can and should pick winners and losers.They show that globalization isn't inevitable and that unions help create American jobs. And they demonstrate that economic growth doesn't rely on overcompensated executives at big, bailed-out Wall Street banks churning out complicated financial instruments. Michigan especially shows how manufacturing is essential to our economic health. When the auto industry moved overseas, Michigan's economy collapsed. Now it's coming back, and so is Michigan's economy. Contrast Michigan's experience with that of Wisconsin. Gov. Scott Walker says the answer to his state's economic problems is to offer tax breaks to corporations and to attack unions. Those ideas are well within the mainstream of right-wing economic thought.Walker's approach isn't working. When he took office, Wisconsin's unemployment rate was 7.4 percent. Nationally, the unemployment rate was about 9.1 percent. Last month, Wisconsin lost 3,000 manufacturing jobs. The state's unemployment rate has risen to 7.9 percent while the national rate stays at around 9 percent. I predict that Walker will leave office without even coming close to creating the 250,000 jobs he promised to create. And I'm confident that Michigan will lead the way for the United States to become a manufacturing powerhouse again.
To read archived articles from General President Hoffa,
click here.

Editorial : Remember, Jimmy Hoffa has degrees, from Michigan and Michigan State ! In economics and law !

National Labor Relations Board...What is It ?

The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) is an independent agency of the United States governmentcharged with conducting elections for labor union representation and with investigating and remedying unfair labor practices. Unfair labor practices may involve union-related situations or instances of protected concerted activity. The NLRB is governed by a five-person board and a General Counsel, all of whom are appointed by thePresident with the consent of the Senate. Board members are appointed to five-year terms and the General Counsel is appointed to a four-year term. The General Counsel acts as a prosecutor and the Board acts as an appellate judicial body from decisions of administrative law judges.


Unions Cry Foul over Republican’s NLRB Resignation Threat

By Kevin Bogardus - 11/25/11

The labor movement is crying foul over a resignation threat from a member of the National Labor Relations Board that would effectively quash a long-sought change to union election rules. Brian Hayes, a member of the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), has threatened to resign because of a proposed rule that would speed up union elections, according to a Nov. 21 letter from his colleague, Mark Pearce, the labor board's Democratic chairman. If Hayes resigned, his absence would essentially shut down the NLRB and prevent a Nov. 30 vote on parts of the proposed rule. The backlash to Hayes’s threat from unions has been intense, as a long-held goal of simplifying and speeding up union elections would be stopped in its tracks by the maneuver. “We think it’s really terrible to shut down a government agency over ideology,” Peter Colavito, director of government relations for the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), told The Hill. “I’m really struggling to find precedent for this. It’s really an outrage as an attack on workers’ rights. If Hayes did quit, he would leave the NLRB with only two members. That would deny the labor board a quorum and prevent it from issuing new rulings and regulations.“Resigning is a political ploy asked for by the extreme right as part of their ongoing attacks on workers’ rights,” said Josh Goldstein, a spokesman for the AFL-CIO. “Let’s hope, in the end, Hayes ignores the calls of right-wing pundits, activists and politicians that hurts both workers and businesses and he simply does his job,” Time is already running short at the NLRB. NLRB member Craig Becker’s recess appointment runs out at the end of December. His expected departure would cut the labor board from three members to two, denying the NLRB a quorum and limiting its ability to act. News of Hayes’s resignation threat has brought even more scrutiny to the Nov. 30 vote on the union election rule.The AFL-CIO, SEIU, the United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) and other key labor groups, such as the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees and the United Steelworkers, testified at a public hearing about the proposed rule held in July by the NLRB. Union members were also responsible for thousands of public comments filed on the proposal.Worries over the proposed rule, which was put forward after NLRB filed a controversial complaint against Boeing for allegedly retaliating against union workers, has led to calls in conservative circles for the labor board to be shut down. An August open letter from the website, which was cross-posted on the conservative-leaning blog RedState, called for Hayes to resign to incapacitate the NLRB. South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley (R) has also suggested that Hayes should resign."For the entire year, Republicans have played politics with the NLRB-whether blocking nominees, attempting to strip its funding, or seeking to reverse a rule or decision before it is even made,” said Tim Schlittner, a spokesman for the UFCW.“Member Hayes' resignation would be the most egregious of these ploys, paralyzing the board from being able to carry out its duties. America's workers and businesses deserve better," he said. In a Nov. 18 letter sent to Rep. John Kline (R-Minn.), chairman of the House Education and the Workforce Committee, Hayes said that he feels he has been frozen out of deliberations over the proposed rule and that the NLRB is rushing it out the door. In a statement Tuesday, Kline said the controversy regarding the proposed union election rule is “especially troubling” and that Pearce should withdraw it.“The Democrat members of the board are determined to finalize a flawed rule that will devastate the nation's workforce, and by ignoring long-standing policies intended to preserve the integrity of the board’s actions. If Chairman Pearce is interested in restoring faith in the board, he needs to start by withdrawing his ambush election proposal and respond in full to the committee's oversight request without further delay,” Kline said. Kline proposed legislation that would block the proposed union election rule. That bill is expected to receive a House floor vote when lawmakers return to Capitol Hill after the Thanksgiving recess. If Hayes did resign, President Obama would have to nominate or recess appoint someone else to serve on the labor board to keep it functional. Anger over the proposed rule and the Boeing complaint, however, has led to GOP lawmakers pledging to block any new appointments to the NLRB.“You would hope Republicans in Congress come to their senses and let nominations go forward if [Hayes] did this,” Colavito said. “I don’t think Americans want the government to shut down over ideological or partisan disputes.”

Editorial : Republicans favorite ploy = " Never Give the Working Man/Woman an Even Break"! Better Wake up America.

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Sign the Petition to Cut the Tax on Food in Tennessee

Sign the Petition: Cut the Grocery Tax


House Leader Craig Fitzhugh and Democrats are fighting for tax relief for working and middle class families by proposing a cut to Tennessee's unbearable Grocery Tax. Tennessee's Grocery Tax is one of the highest in the nation, and, especially in hard times, the Grocery Tax punishes families that are struggling to put food on the table.Tennessee Republicans like giving tax breaks and taxpayer-funded handouts to big corporations, but they've already said they'll oppose this tax cut for working and middle class Tennesseans. Do you agree that a responsible cut to Tennessee's high Grocery Tax is the right thing to do for our working and middle class families ? Help deliver tax relief for working Tennesseans. Join Leader Fitzhugh and sign this petition today to say you support Cutting Tennessee's Grocery Tax.

MYTHS to DeBunk on Thanksging ! You Bet`Cha

Top 5 FOX NEWS Myths To Debunk This Thanksgiving
Posted on November 22, 2011 by Angie

MYTH #1: The congressional Super Committee failed because both sides refuse to compromise.

REALITY: The Super Committee failed because Republicans’ number one, non-negotiable priority is to protect millionaires and billionaires from paying even one more penny in taxes. Democrats repeatedly offered deep spending cuts (far deeper than most progressives would like) in exchange for raising taxes on the wealthy and closing corporate loopholes, only to be refused again and again. So even though the vast majority of Americans say they want to protect Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid benefits, and raise taxes on the rich and corporations, that won’t happen until Republicans put aside their extremist stance.

MYTH #2: Nobody knows what Occupy Wall Street is about.

REALITY: Occupy Wall Street may not have a formal list of demands, but anyone who’s been paying attention understands the core problems that occupiers are protesting–that corporations have far too much power in our political system, that Wall Street banks crashed our economy but were never held accountable, and that the richest 400 Americans have more wealth than half of all Americans–156 million people–combined.

MYTH #3: Occupiers should stop protesting and just get a job.

REALITY: As anybody who’s looked for a job in the last few years knows, there just aren’t jobs out there. That’s a big part of why occupiers are protesting. In September, there were four times as many unemployed people as job openings. And for those who are lucky enough to find a job, median wages today are lower than they were a decade ago.

MYTH #4: Occupy Wall Street is intent on provoking violence, especially against banks and the police.

REALITY: Occupations across the country have committed themselves to nonviolent protest, in the greatest traditions of protest movements. Some of their protests have been met with acts of police violence–tear gas, pepper spray, rubber bullets7–but in many cases, protesters have reminded police that the police are part of the 99%, too. And in the few cases when people have shown up at occupations and committed acts of vandalism, other protesters have even repaired their acts of vandalism.

MYTH #5: The biggest crisis facing our country is out of control government spending.

REALITY: The two biggest drivers of our deficit–by far–are the economic crash and the Bush tax cuts. We have millions of people out of work, corporations hoarding cash, and factories sitting idle. If we put all those people back to work–rebuilding infrastructure, educating our children, and researching new technologies–it’ll shrink the deficit and make our economy stronger for the long haul. And we can easily afford it if we make sure the rich–who are taking home a larger percentage of income than any time since 191711–pay their fair share.

Editorial : Remember, the Democrats were asking only too put back in place, the Bush Tax-Cuts for millionaires. Not Too RAISE TAX`S ! Better wake up America !


Wednesday, November 23, 2011



by: Steve Sauter

You can read more here >

Thanksgiving is not just a day when we eat a meal, after we say some hollow words of gratitude; Thanksgiving is an attitude.

The marvelous words that we say are really not the way we pray.

Wonders of life are really brought,not by the word, but by the thought.

Loving thoughts are never misconstrued; Thanksgiving is an attitude.

Editorial : This poem by my friend in Hersey MI, Steve Sauter, is my prayer for You ! Happy Thanksgiving.

Copyright Steve Sauter 11/98

November is Pulmonary Hypertension Month

Pictured above is Dr. Anna Hemnes, Vanderbilt Pulmonoligist and my PH Dr.

Pulmonary Hypertension ~ Shortness of Breath, Not Much Fun !

Governor Bill Haslam of Tennessee & the Mayors of Shelby County & the cities of Bartlett and Collierville have declared November is Pulmonary Hypertension Awareness Month. PH is a rare condition often-misdiagnosed as asthma or bronchitis because symptoms are so general, the governor's and mayor's proclamation says. Early diagnosis is essential for treatments to be effective. According to the Mayo Clinic, symptoms can include shortness of breath, fatigue, dizziness, fainting, chest pressure or pain, swollen ankles, legs and sometimes the abdomen, bluish lips or skin, a racing pulse and heart palpitations & hoarseness.
The Pulmonary Hypertension Association advises that if a doctor can see no other obvious cause for the symptoms, pulmonary hypertension should be considered and diagnostic tests performed. Feel free to share & send to your email friends. There's one more Sunday in November. Please consider talking to your church's office to add it to next Sunday's bulletin.

Editorial : This writer has PH, if you have been diagnosed with COPD ? Better be sure. The earlier you are diagnosed, the better your chances to be cured. Take it from me, Shortness of Breath is not much fun !

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Which of the richest 1 % are using their wealth and power to keep down t...

Vote for the Worst of the Worst of the 1%

by Mike Hall, Nov 22, 2011

You might call it an “unpopularity contest.” Brave New Foundation (BNF) wants to know who you think are the worst of the worst of the 1 percent who are doing the most to damage the economy and destroy democracy.They’ve put together a rouges gallery of 30 bankers, politicians, corporate big wigs, hateful pundits and other assorted characters who are using their wealth and power to exploit the 99 percent.There is no shortage of bad men on the list (and yes, they are all men). There’s Hugh Grant, for instance — not the actor, but the CEO of Monsanto, a company that produces “Frankenfood” and conquers family farms nationwide. Erik Prince, the founder of the mercenary company Blackwater makes the list as do, of course, the Koch Brothers. There are also the likes of Bank of America’s Brian Moynihan, Rush Limbaugh, former Massey Energy CEO Don Blankenship and one of my all-time favorite evil does, former Vice President Dick Cheney. Click here to see the list of the nominees and their dirty deeds and vote. You can chose one thumb down for ho-hum or go all the way to a full five thumbs down for pure evil. Once those of us in the 99 percent speak out, BNF will produce a video of the worst of the worst of the 1 percent. It’s sure to be a hit on the horror circuit.

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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Democracy Being Attacked ! You Bet`Cha !

Peaceful Protests as American as our Constitution...
by: Underdog = Don Jones


Contact Underdog here >

We hear much about a class war, is it just rhetoric ? Or has war been declared ? Yes, but it is from within..not a war on terror from the without. On my television last night came pictures that take me back into the past. Protesters being water hosed and dogs turned loose on them(pepper spray). Yes, in America. This time it was pepper spray. Students in a peaceful protest at their university. The officer who perpetrated this atrocity, said he was ordered to do this dastardly attack. What if next time, a policeman is ordered to shoot a protester ? Mr. policeman, you have brain, use it ! Will you follow orders and shoot ? In America ? Will he/she carry that order out ? "God Bless" those students/peaceful protesters. It seems that middle class America is under attack. War has been declared. Now who is the enemy, that is the question ? To me, it looks like the Republican and Democratic party`s. The Ultra Rich are also to blame for our current demise. Kinda looks like corruption/greed gone wild/Greed ! This attack on us is unparalleled. Only the Civil Rights era were attacked more. Our politicians have sold us down the river. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. The rich corporations buy our politicians, then get what they want. If you do not believe this, what planet do you live on ? Our most successful programs are now being attacked, in the name of debt reduction. Was`nt it President Ronald Reagan, who said deficits don`t matter ? Income tax's are at an all time low. No jobs equal no income tax's. I know, we can all eat cake. I`m not sure why so few want so much ? Greed Ya` Think ? So few being 1%. Then there is the 99%, that's us. Democrats talk about putting the Bush tax cuts for millionaires back in place. Republicans spin it, that this is a hike in tax`s. Republicans are now the party of the ultra rich. Our politicians are like hogs at the trough. both feet and snout into money. "The past is the cause of the present and the present will be cause of the future" ! (AL) "It has so happened in all ages of the world, that some have labored and others have, without labor, enjoyed a large proportion of the fruits. This is wrong, and should not continue"(AL) I`ve often said, when the good guy/ gal go bad, better watch out. When you do not get a piece of the pie, you have nothing to lose ! These great American protesters are in the forefront of this war. What next ? Call out the National Guard to end these nasty protests ? God forbid. Better wake up Tennessee/America ! You may comment on this on my blog = place for comments. Please sign the petition below

(AL) = President Abe Lincoln

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Goodnews ~ GM & UAW opening Spring Hill TN Plant

Good News ~ GM & UAW

On Monday, Tennessee heard some good news on the jobs front.

General Motors and the United Auto Workers announced that the auto plant in Spring Hill would be hiring more than 1,900 workers. This will be a huge boost to Tennessee's economy and none of it would be possible without the leadership of Democrats like former Congressman Lincoln Davis who fought for President Obama's successful loan to the auto industry, giving U.S. automakers a pathway to profitability and saving hundreds of thousands of American jobs. So who was on hand Monday to soak up credit for the Democratic jobs bump? Republicans.

Sen. Bob Corker(R) (upper center), who fought tooth and nail to derail the automaker rescue package, Governor Bill Haslam(R)(upper left), whose good friend Mitt Romney(running for President) would have allowed Spring Hill's plant to shut down forever, and Rep. Scott DesJarlais(R)(upper right), who has led the assault on Medicare and common sense investments that create jobs and opportunity for the middle class.With Tennessee's economy still struggling, Republicans need to drop the political posturing and start working with Democrats to create more jobs for Tennesseans by partnering with business and making smart investments in our future.

Editorial : Can you believe these guys?!

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Monday, November 21, 2011



It looks like Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid are safe for now because there was no agreement reached in the Super Committee. This means that automatic cuts – aka “sequestration” – will take place. But, given that these cuts aren’t slated to kick in until 2013, we can expect much political wrangling on those points and more to come ! Now, we must be very alert. Our Elected Servants will Shaft US !

Underdog = Don Jones

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President Obama & United Auto Workers ~ A Winner ! You Bet`Cha !

Thanks to President Obama & United Auto Workers
Contact: TNDP Press (615) 327-9779

GM's Spring Hill, Tenn. Auto Plant Revival Thanks to President Obama, Auto Workers

NASHVILLE – In response to General Motors' announcement Monday at Spring Hill attended by Governor Bill Haslam, Sen. Bob Corker and Rep. Scott DesJarlais, Tennessee Democratic Party Chairman Chip Forrester released the following statement: "General Motors' expansion in Spring Hill is great news for Tennesseans and a huge credit is owed to the United Auto Workers, who made the deal that got this plant fully reopened. Over the coming months, we will see more than 1,700 new GM jobs and countless jobs created through the parts supply chain. This announcement boosts Tennessee's economy and strengthens our communities. "But this announcement would not be possible without President Obama's successful loan to the auto industry, which gave automakers a pathway to profitability and saved hundreds of thousands of American jobs. "It's upsetting that some politicians said Spring Hill auto workers weren't worth the time and fixing the American auto industry wasn't worth the money, but today's announcement shows the President's investment paid off. "What's more upsetting is that some politicians are taking credit for these new jobs when they've opposed similar investments or sat silent when these deals were negotiated. If politicians like Sen. Corker, Rep. DesJarlais and Gov. Haslam's friend Mitt Romney had been in charge, there would be no American auto industry and Spring Hill would be a ghost town. "Industry experts have been clear: our auto companies would have faced liquidation under the extreme right-wing plan and more than 1 million Americans would have lost their jobs permanently. "If not for the auto industry investment, no amount of tax breaks or credits would have brought General Motors or Chrysler back from the brink of ruin. If not for that investment, these new Spring Hill jobs would not be possible. "This announcement is a perfect reminder of how crucial investments in our infrastructure, our schools and our workforce are for creating a robust economy that works to grow opportunity for working and middle class Tennesseans."

Auto Workers' Deal with GM Reopened Spring Hill Plant. “The basis that we went into the agreement with was jobs, jobs, jobs, and I think that is what we came out of this agreement with,” UAW Vice President Joe Ashton said at a news conference revealing details of the GM deal. Since emerging from bankruptcy with a $50 billion federal aid package two years ago, GM has added thousands of jobs in the U.S., and the new agreement could open up another 6,400 slots. The automaker is promising to launch new products at plants in Spring Hill, Tenn., the former home of its now-abandoned Saturn division, as well as at factories in Michigan and Missouri." [MSNBC, 9/21/11]

FLASHBACK: Republicans Bob Corker, Lamar Alexander, Marsha Blackburn Applaud Jobs From GM Loan They Opposed. [Washington Monthly, 9/20/11]

The Center For Automotive Research: The Auto Industry Intervention Saved 1.14 Million Jobs In 2009 And 314,400 Jobs In 2010. [Wall Street Journal, 11/17/10]

TNR’s Jonathan Cohn: Analysts And Scholars Believe That If GM Closed Its Door, More Than 100,000 People Would Be Out Of Work. [Jonathan Cohn, The New Republic, 12/3/08]

The Big Three Auto Companies Re-Hired 55,000 Workers Since Exiting Bankruptcy And Posted An Operating Profit In The First Quarter Of 2010. [BusinessWeek, 7/30/10]

WP: A Year And Half After The Auto Bailout, “Many Of The Critics Have Retreated From Their Sharpest Attacks As They Watch The Auto Industry Once Again Turn A Profit And Begin Adding Jobs.” “The government's bailout of the American auto industry last year sparked political hand-wringing about the end of capitalism and allegations that President Obama aspired to be CEO of what critics dubbed ‘Government Motors.’ … But a year and a half later, many of the critics have retreated from their sharpest attacks as they watch the auto industry once again turn a profit and begin adding jobs in communities such as Detroit, which desperately need them.” [Washington Post, 7/31/10]

Thursday, November 17, 2011


Saving Social Security

Another great way to make sure Congress feels the pressure to save Social Security is to spread the word to your friends and family so they know what's going on. You can just forward the sample letter below.

Spreading the word is critical, but please only pass this message along to those who know you

Rebuild the Dream

The "Super Committee" in Congress--responsible for finding ways to reduce the deficit--is close to recommending mandatory cuts to Social Security instead of tax increases for the richest one percent. This is a rotten, backwards, deal that we have to stop. I signed a petition to Congress asking them to reject any new cuts to Social Security. Can you join me at the link below ?
A group of millionaires told a congressional hearing yesterday that they and others like them should be taxed more. The Patriotic Millionaires for Fiscal Strength said that any deal struck by the Super Committee on the budget deficit should not cut Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid but should include higher taxes on the wealthy and let the Bush tax cuts for the rich expire.

Editorial : The Republicans will tell you no raising of TAX`S ! All we are asking is to put the Bush Tax Cut`s for the RICH, back in place ! Not Raising Tax`s ! Republicans playing for the RICH !

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Underdog = Don Jones

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

United We Stand...Divided We Fall !

The Disuniting of America
Thursday, November 10, 2011 Posted by Jim Hightower

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The Bible doesn't say that money is the root of all evil – rather, it condemns the love of money.
Today, that insidious love (taking the form of greed and excess) is celebrated in our country and has even exalted into official public policy, marring our economy with inequality and injustice. The reigning ethos of our nation's upper crust is that too much is not enough. They're not merely out to make loads of the money they love, but to make a killing, everyone else be damned. New numbers from the Congressional Budget Office confirm that as the moneyed elites have been making their killing, wealth disparity has become extreme in a country that once prided itself on trying to build a more egalitarian society. Analyzing 30 years of income data, the non-partisan CBO reports that the richest one percent of our population has enjoyed a stunning 275 percent increase in their income during that time. As a result, these privileged few have more than doubled the slice of America's income pie that they consume, going from eight percent to 17 percent of the whole in just three decades. From whom did these richest one-percenters get their extra-big slice? From us, the 99 percent. The share going to middle class and poor families shrank in this period, which is why there is such broad support today for Occupy Wall Street's "We are the 99%" movement. At the tippy-top of America's wealth pyramid are the multimillionaire CEOs and billionaire Wall Streeters. They are the richest one one-hundreth of the one-percenters (a mere 14,836 households). These few now take six percent of all U.S. income – the biggest piece ever consumed by America's megarich.The widening chasm between the rich and the rest of us is transforming our country from a society to a jungle – and not even billionaires will enjoy living there.

"It's Official: The Rich Get Richer," The New York Times, October 26, 2011.

"The Wall Street Protesters May Have Picked The Right City for Their Campaign," The New York Times," October 26, 2011.

"New Poll Finds A Deep Distrust Of Government," The New York Times, October 26, 2011.

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99% FRIEND ~ Senator Tom Harkin

Senator Harkin to Republicans: Focus on Jobs, Not Attacks on Workers’ Rights...
Contact Senator Harkin here >

Nov. 15, 2011
The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) is now and was founded to protect workers from unsafe employers !

At a time when working families are struggling to make ends meet and Americans are taking to the streets to protest the growing gap between the haves and have-not, Sen. Tom Harkin (D-S.D.) says congressional Republicans “are trying to convince Americans that the National Labor Relations Boarda small federal agency charged with defending workers’ rights—is somehow responsible for our nation’s economic woes.” In a column published today in The Hill newspaper, Harkin writes: Instead of continuing to pursue this pointless and distracting political crusade, it’s time for the House to get down to the hard work of rebuilding the middle class and moving America forward…with job-creation proposals that Americans overwhelmingly support. Click here for the full article.

Editorial : Amen !

Titan & Goodyear ~ Big Secret ? Why ?

Details Sketchy on Titan Tire Plans
Posted: Monday, November 14, 2011 9
By KEVIN BOWDEN, Staff Reporter UC Daily Messenger

Officials with Titan Tire Corporation are being very elusive about their plans for the former Goodyear plant in Union City.The plant has been sold by Goodyear to the off-road tire manufacturer based in Quincy, Ill. The deal became official at midnight Thursday, according to Obion County Mayor Benny McGuire. Union City’s Goodyear plant will be used to mix rubber, according to a statement from Titan Tire’s director of investor relations Krista Gray. Titan Tire has manufacturing facilities located in Des Moines, Iowa, Freeport, Ill., and in Bryan, Ohio. Maurice M. Taylor is chairman and CEO of Titan International, Inc. Efforts to contact Taylor concerning his plans for the former Goodyear plant have been unsuccessful. He is reportedly planning on releasing information about his plans for the local tire plant, but no specific time has been given as to when he will make his announcement.It was in mid-February that Goodyear first announced it would be shutting down it’s Union City tire plant by the end of this year. The plant was actually shut down on July 11, sending shockwaves throughout the region. The Union City Goodyear plant had been the county’s largest employer and was one of the largest employers in the region. Local officials reacted positively to Friday’s announcement that Titan Tire had bought the local Goodyear plant. Now, those officials are anxiously waiting to hear from Titan Tire officials about their plans for the plant.“I’ve had the weekend to let Friday’s news sink in and, like everyone else in Obion County, I’m waiting patiently for a press release from Titan Tire,” McGuire told The Messenger today.“We will be releasing a press release soon. I cannot release any statement or details until that time,” Ms. Gray stated in an email to The Messenger today.When asked if she could be more specific about when an announcement will be made, Ms. Gray replied, “Probably today.”Titan Tire’s history dates back to 1993 and today the company is a leading global supplier of wheel and tire assemblies for off-highway vehicles. Staff Reporter Kevin Bowden may be contacted by email at Published in The Messenger 11.14.11