Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Yesterday`s Election ~ Voters are Waking Up ! Mississipi & Ohio !

Kinda Looks like Voters are Realizing What the Real Issues are !

The outlawing of Unions and Abortion are not the Real ISSUE~S ! In Tennessee, don`t want to join a Union, not a problem, Don`t. Don`t want an abortion...Don`t have one ! Have Mississippi and Ohio come to an enlightenment period ?


Mississippi voters rejected an amendment to the state constitution that defined life as beginning at the moment of conception, The measure would have made it impossible to get an abortion in the state and hampered the ability to get the morning-after pill or birth control pills that destroy fertilized eggs. Disposing of unused fertilized eggs could also have become illegal, making in vitro fertilization treatments more difficult. The measure could have led to a nationwide debate about women's rights and abortion while setting up a possible challenge to the landmark Roe v. Wade case, which makes abortion legal. Mississippi voters will approve a measure to amend the state constitution to require a person to submit government-issued photo ID in order to vote.



Ohio voters will overturn a law signed last year that limited collective bargaining rights for public workers. With 28% of precincts reporting, 62% voted for repealing the law and 38% against it, according to the Ohio secretary of state's office. The Republican-controlled legislature approved the bill, and Republican Gov. John Kasich signed it into law earlier this year. But opponents mounted a petition drive to get a repeal measure placed on the November ballot.
The measure was seen as a barometer for next year's general election in the key battleground state. Repealing the anti-union law is seen as a victory for Democrats. But another measure on the Ohio ballot that would exempt Ohio residents from the compulsory health care mandate under President Obama's health care reform law is projected to pass. Since the law is a federal one, the state referendum is seen as a protest vote. Ohio seems to know, what they want and the Politicians do not !

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Anonymous said...

The law limiting bargaining rights was put into place in order to control costs, nothing more. This was the only way to ensure that future administrations would not fall back into fiscal ruin. However, this could have been handled a little better, no doubt. This law would never have come into play had Ohio had a sound fiscal footing, but it does not, so Kasich was attempting to get it back on stable ground. To imply that his motives were to take away rights for the sake of taking away rights is inaccurate. Democrats always want to make more of things to play on people's sympathies. Of course, Republicans do the same thing...