Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Censorship of Internet..Bad Idea !

Greetings from Underdog ;

All This week Congress is debating whether to grant themselves the power to turn off parts of the Internet. Fun sites like YouTube. Informative sites like Wikipedia. Political sites like Move If enacted, new laws would force Internet Service Providers to block websites that any corporation suspects violates a copyright or suspects, doesn't monitor it's users' content close enough for copyrighted materials. That means that any website, foreign or based in the U.S.,could be wiped out on suspicion and made unavailable to everyone in the world.This week there will be a historic filibuster of the Internet Censorship Act where the names of every person that signs a petition against Internet censorship will be read. I added my name. Please add yours too.

Thanks for all you do !

Editorial : This is like banning books. Thanks to Steve Sauter for this one. How/Who introduced this bill ?

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