Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Occupy Wall-Street~Can You Evict The Human Spirit ?

Occupy Movement Can We safely Evict It ?
By Underdog = Don Jones

The Occupy movement going on in America, is as American as apple pie ! Can it or should it be stopped/evicted ? I think not ! Do not under estimate Americans !

All over America this movement called by the press, Occupy Wall-Street, is taking root in a very positive way. Peaceful protests are as old as our beloved country. Now, some are calling it the 99% protest. I think, that is more appropriate. What are these human beings/people protesting ? This writer thinks, it is inequality. I have always maintained, that when the good guy/gal goes bad, better watch out. As long as the American dream was attainable through hard work and the rewards of hard work, was the American dream. Things were pretty good in the good ole USA ! Somehow are politicians have sold us down the river. (if you are not familiar with that term google it)Things are about to change ! These American protesters are true American hero's. So, what do our politicians do ? They label them trouble makers. My best advice to those who are turning the dogs loose on these Americans, better watch out. One of our Republican candidates for the Republican Presidential nomination, "Newt the Grinch" Newt Gingrich, thinks the occupiers need to be evicted and be grateful for the 1% as they would`nt have a place (Zuccotti park) to occupy, without the generosity of some very RICH person ! Hey Grinch, Take the park and well, you know. I always thought that if you gave something to the Government=the People, it was ours ? Perhaps the Great Smoky Mountains National Park does`nt belong to the people ? The police came in the night and declared war on those Americans, in the park, declaring health hazard. That pig won`t fly ! These policeman need to join those protesters not rough house them. Americans are dissatisfied with our political system. The American dream is seemingly no longer attainable. It has been stolen by our 1% and politics/corporate money ! It being bought by large corporate interest. Thus, the American dream is escaping those 99% ! 1% better watch out ! A sleeping America has finally awakened !

"God Bless America"!

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