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Which of the richest 1 % are using their wealth and power to keep down t...

Vote for the Worst of the Worst of the 1%

by Mike Hall, Nov 22, 2011

You might call it an “unpopularity contest.” Brave New Foundation (BNF) wants to know who you think are the worst of the worst of the 1 percent who are doing the most to damage the economy and destroy democracy.They’ve put together a rouges gallery of 30 bankers, politicians, corporate big wigs, hateful pundits and other assorted characters who are using their wealth and power to exploit the 99 percent.There is no shortage of bad men on the list (and yes, they are all men). There’s Hugh Grant, for instance — not the actor, but the CEO of Monsanto, a company that produces “Frankenfood” and conquers family farms nationwide. Erik Prince, the founder of the mercenary company Blackwater makes the list as do, of course, the Koch Brothers. There are also the likes of Bank of America’s Brian Moynihan, Rush Limbaugh, former Massey Energy CEO Don Blankenship and one of my all-time favorite evil does, former Vice President Dick Cheney. Click here to see the list of the nominees and their dirty deeds and vote. You can chose one thumb down for ho-hum or go all the way to a full five thumbs down for pure evil. Once those of us in the 99 percent speak out, BNF will produce a video of the worst of the worst of the 1 percent. It’s sure to be a hit on the horror circuit.

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