Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Goodnews ~ GM & UAW opening Spring Hill TN Plant


Good News ~ GM & UAW

On Monday, Tennessee heard some good news on the jobs front.

General Motors and the United Auto Workers announced that the auto plant in Spring Hill would be hiring more than 1,900 workers. This will be a huge boost to Tennessee's economy and none of it would be possible without the leadership of Democrats like former Congressman Lincoln Davis who fought for President Obama's successful loan to the auto industry, giving U.S. automakers a pathway to profitability and saving hundreds of thousands of American jobs. So who was on hand Monday to soak up credit for the Democratic jobs bump? Republicans.

Sen. Bob Corker(R) (upper center), who fought tooth and nail to derail the automaker rescue package, Governor Bill Haslam(R)(upper left), whose good friend Mitt Romney(running for President) would have allowed Spring Hill's plant to shut down forever, and Rep. Scott DesJarlais(R)(upper right), who has led the assault on Medicare and common sense investments that create jobs and opportunity for the middle class.With Tennessee's economy still struggling, Republicans need to drop the political posturing and start working with Democrats to create more jobs for Tennesseans by partnering with business and making smart investments in our future.

Editorial : Can you believe these guys?!

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