Thursday, November 03, 2011

Is It Politics as as Usual ? Democrats & Republicans Politicing, While The Country Sinks, Like The Titanic !

House GOP Votes to Subpoena White House Solyndra Documents
By Andrew Restuccia

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Republicans on the House Energy and Commerce Committee voted Thursday to subpoena the White House for all internal communications related to the failed solar company Solyndra. The subpoena escalates the ongoing battle between the White House and Republicans over a $535 million Energy Department loan guarantee to Solyndra, the California solar panel maker that filed for bankruptcy in early September, setting off a firestorm in Washington. Republicans have pummeled the White House over the loan guarantee for weeks, using Solyndra’s bankruptcy to challenge the administration’s green energy agenda.The committee’s investigative panel voted 14-9, along party lines to subpoena the internal communications a day after the White House offered to provide documents if Republicans narrowed their request. Every Republican on the panel voted in favor of the subpoena and every Democrat voted against it.
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“Bill Moyers said ,

Democracy doesn’t begin at the top; it begins at the bottom, when flesh-and-blood human beings fight to rekindle the patriot’s dream.”

Editorial : Does it need to be investigated ? Who Know`s ? Politics as usual...You Bet`Cha ! How much time and money will be invested in this fiasco ?

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