Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Republicans Taking Away Rights ! You Bet`Cha !

Republicans Douse ‘Light of Democracy’ and Ram Through Right To Work Bill
by Mike Hall, Jan 10, 2012

The Republican-controlled Indiana House Employment, Labor and Pensions Committee, muzzled Democrats and, in a five-minute “charade” of a hearing this morning, passed a so-called right to work (RTW) bill by an 8-5 vote. Not only were Democrats barred from offering any amendments, no discussion of the bill was allowed and, immediately after the vote, the hearing was adjourned. Rep. John Bartlett (D) told reporters that he’d “never seen a charade like this in my life.”
Said Rep. Clyde Kersey (D): I think the light of democracy just went out in the Indiana House. As they have been since the legislature went into session last week, Indiana workers packed the statehouse and hearing room and roared “shame” as the bill was rammed through.
IBEWLU21 tweeted “SHAME, SH#*&, SH#*&, Republicans send “right to work” to full House tiny.cc/tqk18 #inunion #ibew #1u #shame” The Indiana AFL-CIO (#In Union) tweeted, “Hoosiers just witnessed a stunning display of arrogance as House Republicans ram thru RTW committee vote in under 6 mins. Shameful.” Read more on Twitter with the hash tag #In Union and at the Stand Up for Hoosiers Facebook page here.
An identical Senate bill was approved by committee last week and both chambers could vote on the legislation by the end of this week.

Editorial : This writer is appalled at the very un-American activities`s and the denying basic rights to Americans, by Republicans ! The Republicans cry Obama/Conspiracy all of the time. Hey, we middle class Americans cannot hold a light to the Republican Conspiracy ! They tell us they are going to shaft us, we elect them. They shaft us ! Wake up America !

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Anonymous said...

Think you've got it bad?


This is sad.

Stick a Fork in me, I`m Done ! said...

Dear Anonymous ; 1/11/12

No, I do not think we`ve got it that bad yet. Thank God for Unions and Democracy...thus far ! Yes it is sad.