Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Illustrating the Success of Health Care Reform...The Affordable Care Act.

Republican presidential campaign pyrotechnics can’t hide the record of a party that has turned its back on ordinary Americans.

It’s worth remembering how, a year ago, the Republican-majority House of Representatives tried to repeal the 2010 Affordable Care Act.

What would have happened if they had succeeded ?

2.5 million young adults would have no health insurance.
2.65 million seniors would have paid $1.5 billion more for prescription drugs.
24.2 million seniors would pay for preventative services they are getting for free.
And that’s just the beginning. A
short report from the White House highlights how the Affordable Care Act is making insurance more available and affordable for millions of Americans. It’s good reading at a time when the Affordable Care Act repeal is still a GOP battle cry, with all the presidential hopefuls and most Republicans in Congress vowing to overthrow the law—and trying to scare voters in the process. Check out the Center for American Progress’ animated video (above) explaining the benefits of reform. The video was developed by MIT economist Jon Gruber, an adviser on both the Affordable Care Act and the Massachusetts health care reform program.

Editorial : The Affordable Care Act, is called ObamaCare by those very same Republicans. Congressman Stephen Fincher(R)District#8-Tennessee is opposed to the Affordable Health Care Act. He Voted to repeal it ! He does`not vote on this Tennesseans behalf, how bout yours ? How you like him now Tennesseans ?

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