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Detroit A City in Decay~ Can it be Resurrected ?
By : Steve Sauter & Don Jones

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The words 'D├ętroit' and 'D├ętroits' mean strait or straits. For a strait is a 'narrow navigable channel that connects two larger navigable bodies of water'.

I don't believe any other city in the USA is anywhere near the condition of Detroit, MI. Or Should I say the former Detroit. ... Steve Sauter

In 1970, when I departed from Detroit/Westland, there were over 2 1/2 million people within the city limits of Detroit. I was employed by the Detroit School System, Cooley High School. Today, there are less than 700,000 people remaining. When you lose this much of your tax base, you are going to have problems. Cooley H.S. is closed.This former capitol of the auto industry and arsenal of democracy is now a ghost town. There were 26 high schools, when I left. Today there are 13. Detroit`s secondary school system was second to none. Today, Detroit`s school system is all but shut down. 40% to 50% of those students who enter high school, never finish, they just drop out. Contact School Borad members here > My former student and friend Mr. Steve Sauter sent me a film clip put together by the Detroit News (news paper). The giant empty skyscrapers are like tombstones marking the death of the city.(empty buildings on the landscape). Click here: Downtown Detroit's empty edifices The Detroit News ! I cried. When I viewed these pictures. If we lose this once great city, we lose a part of ourselves. I remember Detroit as a once center of JOBS. A center of ART. A center of EDUCATION. So sad, and a testament that, we must save this city ! Why ? If we allow this former industrial giant city to disappear, we not only lose a great city, but we lose a part of ourselves. Who is to blame ? There is probably enough blame for all. Playing the blame game is really of no value. What and how and where do we begin. I`m not sure ? But, surely there is a place to sit down and reason together. One thing, I do know, no one should be trying to implement idea`s to benefit themselves alone ! Miles and miles of this city has already been demolished. Neighborhoods that were once vital and flourishing are now gone Torn down. (upper right). There has been talk about starting farms on these now gone neighborhoods. It seems to this writer, that more and better innovative ideas are and need to be listened too. The Detroit Tigers Baseball stadium(co-America Park) is now downtown. Detroit now has Casinos downtown. The Detroit Lions play at Ford Field, downtown. The Detrit Red Wings play hockey at the Joe Lewis arena, downtown. Mayor Dave Bing (former star basketball player) seems to be working hard and diligently to save Detroit. He makes a whopping $0.90 cents per year. Perhaps Detroit is going to be an example for the rest of the country. One idea is. I might suggest that the property tax structure be that of Whatever you pay for a building remains the tax base until it is resold. Any repairs (not including additions), are encouraged and do not add to the tax assessment. get rid of all other tax breaks and grants . You buy the property and you spend YOUR money to fix it up. As a business person, where could I get the Square feet that are in some of the buildings in Detroit so cheap, even with the renovations. This would go for all properties residential and commercial.Windsor Canada is just across the river. How are they doing ? Can we learn from them ? When the auto industry began its move to other country`s for cheap labor. Detroits problems began and have continued still today. These auto workers were tax-payers. When you no longer have a job, where do you go ? A million and a half people are now gone. Whare are they ? What are they doing ? Detroits labor unions have given and given. I don`t think anyone can fault the unions, at least not all the fault. So what/who is the culprit that has caused this Detroit demise ? Folks, it`s simple. GREED ! Mostly by the large auto makers. I make no apology for that statement of fact. Are those captains of industry now gone ? Is there a new breed with new thinking in place ? I understand, that the Michigan Governor, Rick Snyder (R) is now contemplating taking over the City of Detroit ? I`m sure that will solve all of Detroit`s problems, (only add to them.) My best advice Governor Snyder, Do not become a dictator. Stay out of it, unless you are asked. Mayor Dave Bing and the City Council can be contacted here >

Have ideas, submit them. Detroit, is this a direction the remainder of the country is going ? Frightening thought, isn`t it ! Everything in the past is not bad. Everything in the present only seems to be. Everything in the future depends on both ! I`m an old Detroiter, I can remember when it was Great ! I believe it can be again. It must be again or we all lose ! Contact Mayor Bing here > Pray for the City of Detroit !

"There is only one thing worse than unanswered questions...unquestioned answers." "SS"

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