Monday, January 09, 2012

I Get Letters ~ President Barack Obama on Social Security

Committed to Social Security & Medicare !
January 9, 2012

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Dear Don :

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me. I have heard from many Americans who are worried about the future of their retirement savings, and I appreciate your perspective. Retiring with dignity is a promise we must keep to all Americans, and I am working hard to strengthen our retirement system. That is why I am committed to protecting Social Security and addressing Americans' concerns. Social Security cannot be subjected to risky privatization plans because the future of hard-working Americans should not be left to the fluctuations of financial markets.To better secure their retirement and prepare for unforeseen circumstances, Americans must also save for their future in other ways. We are laying the foundation for all individuals to participate in workplace retirement accounts. Employees would be automatically enrolled in pension plans and could opt out if they choose. Simple and automatic enrollment makes it easier for people to plan for retirement. This would assist the 75 million working Americans-about half the workforce-who lack access to retirement plans through their employers. Please join me online to learn more at:

Thank you, again, for writing.


Barack Obama

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