Saturday, January 21, 2012

Redistricting Tennesse District#9 & #8 ~ District#9 Constituents Lose !

Redistricting in Tennessee ~ Rubber Stamped by Tennessee Republican Legislature

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Last week the Tennessee Senate rubber-stamped the Congressional redistricting plan passed by the State House.

I am disappointed that the General Assembly chose to split the City of Memphis, dividing citizens with common interests, by moving longtime 9th Congressional District citizens along the Poplar corridor into the largely rural 8th Congressional District which stretches up to the Kentucky border. I have long touted Team Memphis because we must work together to represent our city’s best interests. While the General Assembly’s actions in dividing our city seem to callously disregard our shared history and needs, I refuse to abandon my long-time constituents along the Poplar corridor whom I’ve represented for many years in both the State Senate and while in Congress. For the remainder of my third term, I will continue to fully represent those citizens and, thereafter, I will continue to look to their needs in every way possible. I will never abandon the Memphians who have been drawn out of the 9th Congressional District and welcome all new 9th District residents including those in Cordova and Millington. All Memphians share the best wishes for our city and we shall remain Team Memphis.

Editorial : Rep, Steve Cohen (D) 9th. District Tennessee, one of the few remaining servants in the state of Tennessee. For those of you who have been moved to District#8. I`m so sorry ! Your Rep. is now Stephen Fincher (R) Goodluck.

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