Monday, October 03, 2011

Vote NO ! on FREE TRADE !

**Reminder** Get Ready to Act !
Tuesday, October 4th, 2011 - National Call-In Day to
Oppose the Pending Free Trade Agreements

Make Sure You take Action !

Washington DC Switch Board > 866-311-1889

According to many sources, we could see votes on the free trade agreements soon. We know these agreements will harm all workers involved. That’s why we need another wave of action – both in D.C. and across the country – to keep up the pressure!

Let’s also make sure to tell our Representatives that we need to get our focus back on real efforts to secure and create jobs. The President offered a plan – the American Jobs Act – that would put significant resources into infrastructure spending. That’s the kind of spending that secures and creates manufacturing jobs while strengthening our nation’s ability to compete globally. These jobs support our communities, paying on average 10-50 percent more than service sector jobs.
Manufacturing jobs also have a huge ripple effect on the economy, with every one supporting five additional jobs.

Call Your Representative on Tuesday, October 4!

Dial the Capitol Switchboard toll-free at:
Ask for your Representative.

Tell your Representative that you are a constituent and you want him or her to OPPOSE the Colombia, Korea and Panama free trade agreements. Also note that we should be focusing on real efforts to secure and create jobs!

If you have any difficulty getting through using the toll-free number, you can call your Representative directly. To look up his or her name and contact information, go to (find the look up feature at the top right of the page).

Thank you for all, who have already stood up for jobs and against bad trade!
Let’s keep the pressure on !

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