Monday, October 24, 2011

Less for Unions = More for CEO`s

Attacking Unions = Attacking People !

Whether on Wall Street or in the heartland, corporations are continuing to squeeze workers for all they can.

American Crystal Sugar is no different. Despite record profits three years in a row, on August 1, the company locked out more than 1,300 workers in Iowa, Minnesota, and North Dakota. Rather than negotiate a fair deal with its workforce, management chose to try to break the union.Will you help American Crystal workers get back on the job – and back supporting their families?
Sign our petition to CEO Dave Berg TODAY to urge him to end the lockout.
Locked-out workers just wanted a fair wage increase and affordable healthcare coverage. Instead, American Crystal pushed to double their healthcare costs and weaken job security. And now, both lives and livelihoods are on the line. Dan Dumas is an American Crystal employee who desperately wants to get back to work. His daughter Kayla was a victim of a horrible car accident and was in a coma for three months. While Kayla has made considerable progress, her recovery and therapy hang in the balance since Dan's healthcare coverage was cut off in August.1
There's too much at stake! Sign our petition to American Crystal Sugar NOW.
Together, the workers, company, and growers have helped to build the local economy, support families, and make their communities flourish. Now American Crystal's destructive lockout is putting it all in jeopardy. Around the country, people are fighting back against this corporate greed and standing up for working Americans. Will you stand up and fight back too ?
Tell American Crystal's CEO Dave Berg not to turn his back on workers and local communities.

Thanks for all that you do for workers everywhere.

Liz, Hilary, Beth, Zoe, Michael, Bryan, and the American Rights at Work team

Editorial : Liz Cattaneo(upper center) is Seretary-Treasurer of the AFL-CIO...She is doing a great job !

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