Monday, October 10, 2011

Banks Have Become > LOAN SHARKS

Banking, Not What it Once Was ! You Bet`Cha !

Last week, Bank of America announced it will start charging its customers $5 a month just to access their own money with a Debit Card. If you're a Bank of America customer who doesn't appreciate being gouged with excessive fees, you should show Bank of America what a competitive marketplace looks like and find a bank or credit union that values their customers. We can't let B of A get away with this -- and we've got to speak out, loud and clear, to show other banks that it is unacceptable to pad already excessive profits on the backs of hard-working Americans.

Click here > < to forward a message to CEO Brian Moynihan right now: Urge him to reverse his decision to charge debit card customers a $5 monthly fee, and send a powerful message that every bank will hear.

I see this ending up one of two ways:

Outcome #1:
Bank of America gets an earful from so many customers and potential customers -- like you -- that it decides against making monthly fees the new "normal" for American debit card users.


Outcome #2: Too few folks notice and speak up about the new fees, sending a message to other big banks that they can charge this monthly fee to their debit card customers, too.

Outcome #2 is completely unacceptable -- but I need you to speak out to make sure it doesn't happen.

In 2007, we sent thousands of emails to convince BP's CEO to give up his company's plan to dump more toxic chemicals into Lake Michigan. The community has proven that we can take on some of the biggest special interests around.
Now let's put that same kind of pressure on Bank of America's CEO to make sure he knows these new debit card fees are simply unacceptable -- and to make sure every single bank gets the message.

Click here > <
Thanks for helping us chalk up another victory for the community on behalf of the American people.


Senator Dick Durbin, (D) Ill

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