Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Upper Management, Makes Big Bucks~Workers Make Zip !

FLASHBACK: Gov. Haslam (R) Tennessee

Raises Cabinet Salaries 11 Percent

Not bad, if you can get it !?

Posted:Oct 14, 2011

by Tim Wetzel

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"It's my philosophy that in government we should probably have fewer people --
but people that we pay better."
-Gov. Bill Haslam

Nearly 1,000 State Employees On Food

Nearly 1,000 Tennessee state employees have such low salaries that they must rely on government assistance to put food on their tables.
Robert O'Connell with the Tennessee State Employee Association said they were shocked when they discovered the number of state workers on food stamps.
"We were floored by the number of people," said O'Connell. "I don't think Tennesseans are going to be proud that we are paying this large group not enough to feed their families." The TSEA fired off a letter to Governor Bill Haslam demanding the state pay more. The group believes part of the problem is that state salaries haven't kept up with the cost of living. After it made a public records request, the state employee association learned 964 state workers were on food stamps. The Department of Environment and Conservation had 129 employees on food stamps. The Department of Corrections had 191 employees on public aid, and the
Department of Human Services had 228 workers on welfare.
Ironically, DHS which gives out food stamps, had the largest number of workers on the program. O'Connell said if salaries aren't raised, state workers will start to leave the public sector. "You won't have your potholes patched. You won't have the drunk driver stopped by the highway patrolman, and you won't have the DCS worker saving some children, if you don't pay them enough," said O'Connell. "Eventually people of quality will leave public service. According to the TSEA, some state workers make as little as $14,000 a year. The medians salary for a state employee is $31,000 a year.
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Editorial : Let me see, I give all of my appointed cabinet members a raise of 11% and then tell my state workers to eat cake or sign up for food stamps. Are you happy now Tennesseans ? Better wake up. Hey folks, I could`nt possibly make up stuff like this. The facts are much better.


Anonymous said...

There should be no 11% raises. State jobs don't pay, so don't take one. Wendy's jobs don't pay anything either... You can't expect to have a great salary if you don't have any job skills, and it is the same for private sector or public sector jobs. If we paid everyone in the state a great wage regardless of their job, we would go bankrupt just like California... That's what the free market and competition is all about...

Stick a Fork in me, I`m Done ! said...

Dear Anonymous; 10/20/11

I`m so glad your are so well trained, and have no problem getting work that pays well. I bet we can outsource you and your job ! I know let the unskilled be our slaves...that`ll work. I personally like Wendys, especially their frosty`s. Those are people who work there, in the event you have forgotten. Hey, I know, we can import slave labor from China and Mexico. We can even pay less, than they get now. FreeMarket, Sure ! Hey listen. I have bridge over here, I need to sell you, real bargain. And you have a good job, so buy it. You and I, just do not live in same world. I make no apology for that. As much as you make comments on my blog, you really ought to write a blog of your own. You can call it "LET THEM EAT CAKE"! Sorry, you just don`t get it ?!

Anonymous said...

I am well-trained, educated and skilled because I sacrificed for years and spent tens of thousands of dollars to get there. No, sir, I have not forgotten the people at Wendy's. I worked there 33 years ago and made up my mind that I would not do that kind of work for the rest of my life. With your mindset, though, I guess they should be paid $15 an hour, right? Of course, they would be out of business within a week, with $25 meals when they were $8!! I have the skills that will be in high demand for many decades to come. That's what you have to do to make a good living. You can't have minimum wage skills and expect high wages... That drives companies and states out of business. So, stop feeling sorry for those who have made foolish decisions all of their lives and did not apply themselves. They reap what they sow!! Get an education BEFORE you have kids, and if you can't afford kids, then DON'T HAVE THEM!! Learn a job skill and you won't have to work at Wendy's!! Get an education and you won't have to walk a picket line!! If you paid everyone a high wage, what would be the incentive to get a better job??? It's clear WHO doesn't get it, sir...

Stick a Fork in me, I`m Done ! said...

Dear Anonymous ; 10/20/11

You are an IDIOT...Do not bother to answer this ! It will not be published...End of conversation !