Thursday, July 21, 2011

Those Great Workers at Union City Tennessee ,Goodyear

~To : Those of You Who Have Performed an Outstanding Job ~

"Thank You"!

By: Don Jones ~ Underdog

Given the time and circumstances, You are now among my American HERO`S ! I salute you, United Steelworkers of America Local 878-L Union City Tennessee.You performed well, when some would have folded and gave up. You have set a high standard for those of us, who doubted you. The next person, I hear bad mouth you and your union. I will point to Union City Goodyear-USWA, "That`s You"! Great Job. I urge you to view the video Below. I am only sorry that Goodyear Corporate did not hear, see or care. I will pray for you and your family`s. God`s speed ! You did all you could ! One more thing, Ricky Waggoner and Terry Tennyson also did all they could. Click on link below or title of this blog.

Thanks to my friend and co-worker and fellow union member, Ralph Stamper for this one. That sucking sound you hear is our jobs being sent other country`s. There are actually some workers from our plant in this video.

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