Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Made in America ?

Things Made in America...Rare, But You Can Still Find a Few


Please see the below information from Local Union 2173 President Ryan McCoy; great information !

I thought I would share this with you. My old UAW-built Amana washing machine has finally died after 16 years of service. Since Amana and Maytag were bought by Whirlpool a few years ago and the UAW plants closed (Whirlpool is notorious for this union-busting crap), I was determined to try to find a Union-Made in USA alternative...if one was still out there. Much to my delight after some on-line research, I have found that Speed Queen operates a manufacturing plant in Ripon, WI and their products are manufactured by 800 + members of the USW!
Product quality reviews are excellent...as they are an old company that manufactures commercial grade machines for the home. Prices are competitive with all of the Mexican-made (or non-Union USA) Whirlpools, Kenmores, etc. and best of all we are supporting our own fellow Steelworkers and keeping good-paying USW union jobs here in the USA. They sell mainly on-line and in smaller "Mom and Pop" appliance stores (which is another good reason to buy...as most of these are on the 'endangered species list').

Visit > http://www.speedqueen.com/

To locate a dealer. Click above. Or Click on Title of this blog.

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Joe said...

I am proud to be Made in America. I remember being abroad and somebody said something really interesting to me regarding employment and careers in the States. It was, "[they] thought it was really cool how people in America seem to create their own jobs way more than in any other countries." I own my own business and I love everyday of it (or at least most of them). I am a tattoo artist, so I don't create a 'product' per say, but I am still proud of my effort.