Sunday, July 10, 2011

Not Entitlements ~ Not Entitlements ~ Not Entitlements !

Big Mistake, Mr. President

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Reports say the president just offered to cut Social Security benefits, if Republicans will vote to pass debt ceiling.

It's his offering to the out-of-control Republicans, who are threatening to crash the economy in order to ram through savage cuts to crucial government programs. It's sickening to think that millions of seniors would have to sacrifice in order to appease Republican hostage-takers. Especially because every poll shows overwhelming majority of Americans support raising taxes on the rich and protecting Social Security and Medicare.

But there's still time to stop this "bargain" in its tracks. Whatever deal the president offers Republicans will need Democratic votes to pass Congress. So we need Democrats in Congress to stand strong and oppose any benefit cuts to Social Security and Medicare.

Can you sign our emergency petition to Democrats in Congress and tell them to stand up and tell the President they will not vote for Social Security and Medicare benefits cuts? Add your name here.
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President Obama is making a huge mistake that will cost our Country dearly.

This is one of those moments where we either stand up and demand that the Democrats in Congress show a real spine. Or we sit back and watch the Republicans destroy decades' worth of progress.

Will you help send a message demanding that Democrats draw a clear line in the sand: no cuts to Social Security and Medicare benefits?

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Thanks for all you do.

Underdog = Don Jones

Social Security is not an "entitlement program." !

It is money working people loan to the government in advance of our own retirements, deaths, and/or disabilities. We expect it to be there regardless of swings and losses in the financial markets. No cuts. No more "creative accounting" like we got with Bush/Cheney. No more depleting our national wealth to fund greedy privatization scam artists. It is a model for many nations who value social stability and public health.

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