Sunday, July 17, 2011

Jobs & Healthcare...A Reality Check !

Jobs and Healthcare...A Reality Check !

By Underdog=Don Jones


You can communicate with Rep. Fincher on link below! or click on title !

Oh where to begin ? Our politicians talk about Hollywood and the liberal actors who abide there. In this writers opinion, those same politicians are some of the greatest thespians in the world. We as constituents, seem to believe them, why ?
The Republicans think, if the ultra rich have all the money, everything will be hunky-dory. The Democrats are almost as bad. They pander to the same money people that the Republicans do. At the moment they are diverting our attention from Jobs and Healthcare to the National debt. I believe it was President Ronald Reagan, who said, debt and deficit spending did not matter. Of course that was when we had jobs, thus we had tax-payers. Then Mr. Reagan, fired all of the traffic controllers.The attack on Free-Democratic trade unions began. Now we are told by the Republicans, unions are a bad thing. NOT SO ! But, somehow we believe them. The Democrats say they are pro union. MAYBE ! Those same politicians call Social Security and Medicare, Entitlements. They are indeed entitlements, I`m entitled to my money, because I paid in to it all of my working life, as well as my employer`s ! Remember your employer matches your contribution, each time you pay in. Now you know why Republicans want to destroy it. They represent your employer. Thus employer does not have to match your SS# payroll tax ! Our Trade laws totally suck ! Large corporations can now move their entire operation to other countries`s and we tax-payers subsidize the move. A loss in jobs, a loss in tax revenue. I firmly believe the politicians know this. Unfortunately, they are too busy building their own ne$t. They divert our attention with things, that are really kind of trivial. You take my Tennessee District#8~Congressman Stephen Fincher(R), Please somebody take him ! He campaigned on a new philosophy in Washington DC. Has it happened ? NO !
He campaigned on he would not accept Congressional medical benefits. What a sham. He has drawn over 3.2 million in farm subsidies. If I enjoyed that kind of money, I too would get Farm Bureau and pay my own premiums. I only hope that someone who cannot afford great healthcare insurance premiums, is getting it ! It was appropriated for that purpose. Mr. Fincher, you should be ashamed. He has voted against Obamacare. Now that is a political as you can get. Obamacare is Healthcare. Mr Fincher, not all of us draw such lucrative paychecks from the government, as you do ! Our politicians need to work on two things, JOBS And HEALTHCARE. Get out of Afghanistan and Iraq ! Concentrate on spending my money on Me/Americans ! What part of TRADE do you not understand ? Our Trade agreements SUCK ! I received a communication from my
friend and fellow Church member, Bobby Brown, it is blow, I encourage you to read it carefully. He sent it too Rep. Fincher.

Message Subject : Giving to the Rich and taking from the working class.

Message Text:

How can you think of cutting Social Security, and then you keep on getting
big farm $ubsidie$ ? Is any where close to right ? ? I paid in SS# all my working
life, you didn't give it to me. If you want to help, cut your salary,
government funded insurance and travel expense. I know as a Republican you
could care less for my family. The people in Union City need help now but
then they are just working people that happen to be union. That is an
organization that Republican are trying to break up anyway they can. I
still pray for you guys every night, I don't like what I see in the
Republican party these days but will always, like I said pray for both of

Thank you for your time,

Bobby Brown, Working class and constituent

Sent to Mr. Fincher tonight doubt I'll hear back from him ?

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