Saturday, July 23, 2011

I Get Letters ~ David Whorley, Friend, Christian, & Freemason

A Love Letter from A Fellow Worker/Christian at Goodyear Tire & Rubber ~ Union City Tennessee...7/23/11
published by permission of David whorley

By: David Whorley

Brother Don ;

I read your blog you sent and I am going to say this, you stand for more Republican ideals than Democratic ideals. You are the same on gun rights, I too have a Tennessee carry permit. You are for term limits on politicians, this needs to happen and I hope in time it will. Probably not in my time, but down the road. I have always loved and respected you and my communication to you was never meant to jeopardize our friendship. As I stated we will just have to agree to disagree. I am strictly anti-abortion. I believe life begins at conception and you are already in God’s book of life even before that. I don’t think the taking of the unborn should be allowed in any case. I am very vocal about it and do not think it ok to do what you want and, I will do what I want. This is one of the points where we will disagree. I will stand by God’s word and he said “I knew you in your mothers womb.” That tells me he cares about the unborn and we should do so also. I think “gays” have the same rights as we do already and they don’t need to be parading around pushing for a marriage law that is against God’s will. God states in Leviticus that if a man lays with another man as he lays with a woman this is an abomination and both shall surly be put to death. I think unions have past their cause. There are no more sweat shop conditions in the US “thanks to unions.” But these times will not come back if they are not around. There is a place for unions in the third world nations that still have such work conditions. The unions have become by far too political and are no longer run by working men and women but by lying politicians just like the government. I surly don’t feel they should be taking dues money and paying political campaign money to candidates they like. I may like the other guy and not want my money going to either of them. I think ALL states should be right to work states, that way you can join if you want and if not just let it go. I’ve walked several picket lines in my work days but NEVER crossed one. I too believe in the gift of life and I am thankful that you are living proof that it is truly the greatest gift anyone can give. I do not believe the government owes anyone a life long free from work living. I think everyone on welfare should be drug tested once a month randomly. I think our veterans deserve better than what they are getting in health care and acceptance into the VA system. I think, as many democrats, that the current Social Security and Medicare systems will go broke without some sort of reform. The Republicans want to reform it and not effect anyone 55 or older and insure that it is around for future generations. All the current administration wants to do is use it as a campaign threat to get re-elected. They don’t care that it is going broke, all they want is 4 more years of sucking a tax tit. I think “any law” passed by the congress and senate should apply equally to them also. If the new health care bill is so great why are they not on it. It will be one of the costliest things this nation has ever done. I hope all the states repel it. I think the government should govern the people not rule them. I don’t like being told what kind of light bulb I need to buy nor do I like being told milk, peanut butter, coke a cola, and other things are bad for me. I see no need for funding an agency with tax dollars to put warning labels on everything they think is bad, and to put a list of how many beans are in a can. I don’t think the EPA should stop progress because a 2 inch fish lives where progress needs to take place. Probably 90% of the people in the nation will never see the damn thing anyway. I think coal is a great source of energy even though it does create black smoke. We don’t need a federally funded EPA, the states should handle this on individual basis. We don’t need federally funded Amtrak, if it can’t run on it’s own merit then go broke. There is way to far many give away programs for people to get free money due to democratic liberalism. I think the Democrats and GOP should vote not to allow a debt celling increase to pass on to the next generation. We all have to live within our checkbook and the government should have to do the same, Federal, State, County, and City. Well this is enough for now. Didn’t mean to rant on and on like this but I could go on forever. And I KNOW Don Jones can talk forever about this stuff. Maybe someday we will happen to get together and talk about stuff. One good thing Don, just think where we would be if we only had ONE party to choose from. That’s why we have such a great system. On second thought don’t remove me from your list, I enjoy it most of the time and it keeps my blood running a little warm. When we meet again I will shake your hand, give you a big hug and let you know how much you have inspired me in both my Masonic life, and as a true friend who I would not be afraid to call on at any time, day or night.

Christian love to you Don,

And Take the Fork Out for You are NOT Done.

Editorial : Now this is the way to disagree. Perhaps our politicians could learn from this ? No, I do not agree with everything Bro. David say`s. But, This is America, he has the right to dissent from my views. Freemasonry > "Never Give up on our Democracy. Thank You, Bro. David

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