Thursday, July 05, 2012

Tennessee`s Republicans Playing Politics with your Affordable Health Care Law

Gov. Haslam(R) and the Republican Legislature...Playing Politics at your Expense !

Since 2010 our state lawmakers have had the duty to start implementing the Affordable Care Act in Tennessee -- common sense health care reforms that will:

  • Strengthen your insurance policy by holding insurance companies accountable,
  • Protect responsible families from free riders who can afford to be insured but freeload off the rest of us, and
  • Expand affordable health care coverage to more than half a million uninsured Tennesseans.
But Bill Haslam and the legislature have failed to act.

First, they said they wanted to wait until the Supreme Court decided on the issue. Well, they have. The Affordable Care Act is constitutional, and it's still the law of the land. Now, instead of providing a plan for Tennessee families, Governor Bill Haslam is playing politics. Last week, he abused the power of his office and wasted our tax dollars on campaigning when he put out a false, political statement to drum up support for the architect of the Affordable Care Act, Mitt Romney. More importantly, while Haslam and the legislature plays politics, the lives of Tennesseans are at stake. It is irresponsible and destructive to hold the health and security of uninsured families hostage just to please your political buddies and special interest campaign donors.

Email Haslam and tell him enough is enough. Quit playing politics -- the lives and financial security of our families is at stake.

It`s really simple: People who work hard should be able to see a doctor when they're sick and families shouldn't have to lose their home or file bankruptcy because a loved one got hurt.The law has been confirmed and it's time to move on implementing these important health reforms for Tennessee families.

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Underdog = Don Jones

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