Monday, July 23, 2012

Meet Brad Thompson Candidate for Tennessee District#24 State Senate

Focus on: 'Jobs, Education, and Reducing Partisanship'

Brad stopped by the The McKenzie Banner recently to talk to Editor Joel Washburn about critical issues facing the 24th District. A few excerpts from the interview, published July 17:

"Job creation is a process, not an event," said Thompson, who indicated he understands economic development in rural markets. In regard to education, Thompson said he comes from a family of public school teachers. Legislators should listen to and involves teachers and other education professors when developing public policy, said Thompson. Elected officials are to serve people, regardless of party. Good ideas should be supported regardless of which party supports those initiatives. Thompson said he adopts the philosophy of former Congressman John Tanner concerning good constituent services, regardless of party affiliation. "I am a doer and do not seek to be something, but to do something.There is lots to be done in this area."

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Brad facts . . .

Brad grew up on a working farm and still lives on one today. The Thompson farm in the Midway Community raises hogs, cattle and row crops. So Brad understands the challenges of our farmers, including the drought conditions facing area farmers right now.

With the onset of this drought, Brad has been proactively been working with USDA officials to understand opportunities for farmers and express the need for assistance. The USDA designated all 6 counties in this district a disaster, and Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack has announced a streamline process to deliver faster and more flexible assistance to farmers. The SBA followed with an offer of help for ag-related businesses. For more information for help through the SBA, log onto For more help through the USDA,

This isn't something new for Brad. He has been working to help farmers and businesses throughout this district in times of distress for many years. He understands constituent services.

As Brad says, "I'm not a politician. I'm an advocate."


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