Monday, July 02, 2012

ERIC STEWART(D) for Congress(D) District#4-Tennessee


by Judy Stewart...Wife & Mother

Although this was addressed to me. I feel, I must share with Tennessee Voter`s. I`m tempted to move to the 4th. District. Thanks Judy, for a wonderful and insightful letter.

Let me tell you about my husband Eric and our future Congressman.

Eric and I have been married for 18 years. He is the kind of man you can trust. Eric cares so much for his family. And he cares for your families too. He was concerned about how this campaign would affect our relationship, our family and asked for our permission to run for Congress. How could we tell him no? This is his dream. This is his chance to help families like us-- the families that work hard and struggle from time to time in this economy.

Before Eric announced he was running for Congress, we talked together as a family about what this race would entail: long nights, a lot of travel, nights away from home, missing kids' ballgames, the financial strain, the list goes on and on. Yet we knew with all of our hearts that Eric could make a difference for the hard working families of this district.

The biggest hurdle however was the amount of money a campaign like this can cost. We are by no means wealthy people and we don't have wealthy families; we've struggled in these economic times just like millions of working families all across the country. So the thought of having to raise so much money was and continues to be an enormous task.

We have to compete with the thousands, if not millions, of dollars Eric's opponent, the special interests and his buddies, Karl Rove and the Koch Brothers, are going to spend distorting the truth and lying to Tennessee families. We need your help. We need the help of your family and friends. We can't do this without you. If you can give $5, $10 or more today, we need you!

Despite hurdles, I know Eric's decision to run for Congress was and continues to be the right one, because this district needs someone who cares about people and is willing to fight for Tennessee values and Tennessee jobs. Eric has been doing this his entire life, and I am very proud to be married to a man who will always fight for the right things for the right reasons.

Now, I've been a math teacher for 19 years, but it doesn't take someone with good math skills to know that there's a lot more people who want a Congressman that works for people who work for a living than there are lobbyists that will give to Eric's opponent.

I'm proud of what Eric is doing, and I know he's doing it for the right reasons. He has always stood by me, and I'll always stand by him. Today, we need you to stand with us too. Please support Eric's fight to the top financially. We really can't do this without you and your help!!!!

Thanks for all you do,


"Loyalty to Country, always. Loyalty to the Government when it Deserves it." !

" two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch"! a well-armed lamb contesting the vote.
Fiat Lux a well-armed lamb contesting the vote.

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