Monday, April 02, 2012


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House Approves Budget for the Rich: Right-Wing lawmakers continue to work for their campaign donors instead of Americans and working families.

The House of Representatives on Thursday passed an extremist budget proposal that would enrich the very wealthy and big corporations by giving away a windfall of tax breaks that would be paid for by deep cuts to vital programs that provide services to most Americans, including sick children and the disabled. The budget was proposed by House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan(upper left) of Wisconsin. Under his plan, Ryan refuses to bring in more revenues and close tax loopholes that benefit the wealthy but instead resorts to drastic cuts to services the federal government provides to most Americans including veterans and children. In fact, most federal agencies would disappear by 2050 if his plan was adopted. Instead of asking their Wall Street friends to pay for the financial damage they caused, the right wing wants federal employees to pay for it through pay freeze and cuts to their retirement benefits. More than 32 million Americans would lose their coverage under the Ryan plan, which seeks to repeal the new health care law. Insurance companies would be able to once again deny coverage to people with pre-existing conditions and drop people when they get sick. House Speaker John Boehner said Ryan’s budget is the right wing’s vision if they have more control. “So I applaud my colleagues for the tough decisions they've made…to lay out a real vision of what we were to do if we get more control here in this town,” he said.

Editorial : One must really admire the REPUBLICANS for their Tenacity ! They inform you/me they are going to support the RICH and SHAFT you/me. Yet we vote for them. Are WE NUTS !

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