Tuesday, April 10, 2012



The National Bureau of Economic Research released a study that we thought you'd like to know about. The research investigates the authenticity and pricing of prescription drugs obtained from online pharmacies.

Key findings:

Online pharmacy verification works: all drugs ordered from verified U.S. and international pharmacies were determined to be authentic.
Online pharmacies based in the U.S. charge an average of 52.5 percent more than verified international pharmacies for four top-selling, brand-name drugs.
The research concludes that the FDA’s blanket assessment that all foreign pharmacies are unsafe is inaccurate and potentially harmful to consumers who need access to medicine they can afford. This study confirms our position that importation can be a safe, money-saving option for consumers. As I have said before, a drug that is unaffordable is neither safe nor effective.

PhRMA Critique of Recent AARP Rx Drug Report:
The AARP’s Public Policy Institute released a research report last month that caused quite a stir. The study found a 26 percent increase in retail prices for the prescription drugs most widely used by older adults from 2005-2009. This is double the rate of inflation over that period.Not surprisingly, the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA)—big pharma’s lobbying arm—was quick to criticize the report and defend high drug prices.

Editorial : If You`re s Senior, you are on drugs, one way or the other. Seniors are BIG MONEY !

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