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HB3761 is below !

Taxes, Sales - As introduced, reduces the state sales tax on food and food ingredients from 5.5 percent to 5.3 percent; requires that the local option sales tax, which under existing law can be in an amount of up to 2.75 percent, be at a rate that is a multiple of 0.25 percent.
Below is a message that Rep. Andrew Holt(R) (TN-76) asked us to pass along in response to the petition “Eliminate Food Sales Tax” (, which you signed. This message was sent through the system, and your email address has NOT been shared with the sender.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The below massage is from Rep. Andy Holt (R) 76th. District Tennessee:
Hello everyone, I wanted to say thanks for your interest and comments regarding the sales tax on food that we have here in the State of Tennessee. I did want to let each of you know that we took a first step today in what I hope will be a set of reductions on the food sales tax into the future. We passed HB3761 which will reduce the taxes Tennesseans pay on food and food ingredients. I will endeavor to continue to reduce this and other taxes in years to come. I hope each of you have a great day and please let me know if I can assist you in the future.

Andy Holt (R) 76th. District~Tennessee
Editorial : I realize that everyone who signed the "REDUCE SALES TAX ON FOOD PETITION" in Tennessee, received this. I hope you are as appalled as I am ? This is for those who did not sign it. HB3761 is a pure political attempt to fool you again with words. You can read about this bill HB3761 by clicking on the HB3761 at top of page. If this law pass`s the Senate ? Which I doubt. You as a food buying taxpayer, will never notice the tax reduction/difference. You can also access it here > HB3761 < While Rep. Holt, has said the right words, he has flim-flamed us again ! A 2 tenths reduction in Sales Tax on Food is almost laughable. This bill in the correct form would have been a real HELP, AID and ASSISTANCE to working Tennesseans. It is pure FLIM-FLAMED us AGAIN...OPPS, I`ve already said that ! Thanks, but NO THANKS REP. HOLT ! Try,Try Again !

" two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch"! a well-armed lamb contesting the vote.

Fiat Lux

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Bobby Brown said...

As always old Andy is a man of words. But I am not as dim witted as he thinks I am. He sent me the same message I am glad I am not the only one that thinks it is a really silly message.Like I said befor Andy is all for Andy and not for me and my family. The Republican has become so anti-famliy, it scares mefor my grandchildren.