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STATE REP. Bill Sanderson 77th. District TENNESSEE

I received this today, April 18, 2012 From Bro./Rep. Bill Sanderson (upper left) 77th. District Tennessee. I have published it, in its entirety. To contact Rep./Bro. Sanderson Click here > < Click on title or link below to go to Bro. Bill Sanderson's State Government web-page !

Brother Don,

Please pass this message to your list of brothers and feel free to share. I did absolutely all that could be done to get the 100% funding for the Widows and Orphans fund. I did have broad support in the House and Senate; however, because there were other license plates in existence but receiving no share of revenue prior to the 1998 license plate re-write, no-one felt we could open the current funding formula that could allow a flurry of new 100% revenue request.

Unfortunately, the bill I filed to allow the Masons and the Fraternal Order of Police charities to receive all the proceeds of the sales of their specialty license plates is not going to pass. After extensive research, it was discovered that at no point was either charity receiving the full amount from the license plate sales, and because of this, there is not an avenue for us to have them grandfathered in under the license plate funding law that originally passed in 1998. Though the plates were in existence prior to that date, they were not receiving any of the funds, and were not included with the other plates that were grandfathered in under this statute. Although both charities go to very worthy causes, there is no grounds for placing them in the old funding structure, and from here on out, they will continue to receive 50% of the proceeds of their sale. FLASH ~ THIS JUST IN>

Bro. Don,

There is a bright side this year. HB 0429/SB 0429 passed and should be signed by the Governor. This law will allow handicap decals to be used on speciality plates. This will allow brothers with handicap plates to purchase the Masonic plate.

Bro. Ricky Boyd


Bill Sanderson,(R) 77th. District Tennessee

Master-Mason, Western Sun#88~Troy TN.

Editorial : Bro. Sanderson, I believe did everything he could, to get this bill passed. We do get 50% that goes to the Masonic Widows and Orphans Benevolence fund. Why the Arts Commission get our Masonic/Money , I do not know ? I do know at one time, we received NO MONEY for the Benevolence Fund ? It is too bad our state Rep`s. do not realize that the more people we help, aid and assist, the less the State does ! The Arts Commission, sounds like a General Fund to this writer. Just dip down and get all you want. No accountability !

Again, Thanks Bro. Bill Sanderson for all of your dedicated work in this matter ! Drop him a e-mail and say "Thank You"!

"May The God of Love and Peace, Delight to Dwell with and Bless You"!

"Loyalty to Country, always. Loyalty to the Government when it deserves it." !

Fiat Lux

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