Friday, February 25, 2011

Middle Class Pays for Everything ! Almost !

House Republicans Vote to Cut Social Security Administration Dramatically

At 4:40 A.M. last Saturday, the House voted 235-189 in favor of a spending bill (H.R. 1) for the remainder of this fiscal year that would cut the funding of the Social Security Administration (SSA) by a total of $1.7 billion below what is needed to maintain promised service levels and current projects. This would shut down Social Security offices for one month of the seven remaining this year; eliminate 3,500 jobs; delay payment of earned benefits for hundreds of thousands of retirees, survivors, and disabled workers; and force SSA to ignore billions of dollars in overpayments that could be returned to the trust fund. The action came despite a veto threat from President Obama. A tally of how each House member voted on the spending bill is available at Earlier, last Friday, the House had voted 239-187 in favor of an amendment offered by Rep. Denny Rehberg (R-MT) to block Congressional funding for implementation of the health care reform law. A tally of that vote is now available at

Editorial : Why is it that"Cut the Budget" Always mean`s...the middle class ?

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