Saturday, February 19, 2011

Coffee Shop Chatter !

Coffee Shop Philosophers

by : Don Jones =Underdog = Philosopher ?


I visited my local coffee shop this morning, Damrons Meat and BBQ. My usual rounds. They have the best sausage and biscuits in Tennessee ! The usual`s were all there. Politics and Goodyear seem to be the hottest subject lately. A lot of people will be affected by Goodyear's Union City Closing ! Including Damron`s. Everyone wants to blame someone for the plant closing and that someone seems to be "The Union" ! Not So ! Now Ricky and Pat are truly nice people, they just are not well informed as to the workings of free democratic trade unions. Ricky is retired from the military and Viet-Nam Veteran. I believe he is truly one of America`s hero`s ! Not only did he fly choppers in Viet-Nam and was subjected to agent orange and of course lead. He as well as others did their best to protect American interest`s and our freedoms. "Thank You" Ricky. Having said those facts, Ricky and Pat are Republicans. It seems it is what he and Pat believe. So be it ! It is the ideals, he fought for and defended. I have no problem with his political belief`s. I may not agree with him, but I have no problem with them. It is his God given right. Now Bob on the other hand blames the Union, and does`nt have a clue ! However he too, has the right, as an American to believe as he see`s fit ! Bob, so do I ! We do not agree on unions and probably never will. We can remain friends. Now Huey on the other hand, believes as I do, that free-democratic trade unions have in the past, the present and will in the future serve our United States of America well ! Men like John L. Lewis, Walter Reuther, Jimmy Hoffa, are pioneers in the free labor movement and are true American hero's. If you do not know who these men are ? I would suggest that you google them and find out. One of today`s Labor hero`s is, Richard Trumka, President of the AFL-CIO. Google him also ! If you do not wish to join a union? do not join. In Tennessee we have a "Right to work Law" I call it a right to work for less. Simply stated, in Tennessee you do not have to join a union. I don`t agree with that law, however being a law abiding citizen, I honor it for others ! Just some thoughts from a coffee shop philosopher. I`m sure you do not agree with some of my philosophy, but will honor my right to it ? As I will your`s !

In Deo Fiducia Nostra


Anonymous said...

What part of "high costs" don't you understand? Unions are part, actually a BIG part of "high costs." Sorry to burst your bubble on that, sir. To say that the Unions had "no" blame in this is to be completely clueless. "Simply stated, in Tennessee you do not have to join a union.I don`t agree with that law,"
---So you think we should have "tyranny?" This is one of the problems with Unions. You believe apparently in the "mob mentality," whereby you will force those to go along with your antics, usually including wildcat strikes, slowdowns, and other non-productive tactics that in the end only lead toward plant closures. "In Tennessee we have a "Right to work Law" I call it a right to work for less." NO, it's called FREEDOM, sir!!! Will a person work for less? Maybe, but most likely the plant will stay around much longer without Union interference, and DEFINITELY will be more productive and competitive, something Unions want NO part of... Stop the delusional thinking---Unions are a big part of the plant closure at Union City. I'm sure you recall the S-T-R-I-K-E that happened a few years back? Goodyear did... What did all of that grandstanding get you? An empty plant, that's what...

Underdog = Don Jones said...

Dear Anonoymous ; 12/09/11

You really need to find another blog to haunt. You do not agree with anything, I say. I understand that (not really). YOU KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT EVERYTHING. LEAVES ME, UNDERDOG,NOTHING TO SAY. Why read my blog. It just seems to upset you. I`m sorry, but there is more than one VIEW ! As far as UNIONS, YOU KNOW NOTHING ! SO SAD ! Goodbye and Goodluck ! You are wasting your time writing COMMENTS on my Blog. I really don`t read them any longer !