Friday, February 25, 2011

Democracy Under Attack ! You Bet`cha !

The War in Wisconsin !

by : Don Jones = Underdog

I`ve been following the war raging in Wisconsin. Most think of it as, big unions, hungry for more power. Not So ! It is actually a war save our way of life ! If this Governor Scott Walker, is a TEA party example ? I want no part of them. They are not only trying to deprive workers in Wisconsin their liberty's/rights. It kinda looks like it is a national attack by Republicans. Even here in Tennessee. Those states that went Republican last go round, are attacking free-democratic trade unions. They say, no collective bargaining. All the while it is camouflaged in balance the budget. Do not be fooled by this blatant attack on the working middle class ! Governor Scott Walker has been bought and paid, by the Billionaire brothers Koch. Governor Walker does not want to balance the budget, he wants to crush the union ! The Union in Wisconsin has already agreed to cuts. Gov. Walker wants blood ! What is Collective bargaining ? Definition = "Come let us sit down and reason together"! It has never been, do it my way or hit the highway ! The people of Wisconsin will help you Governor, if you want them too ? Gov. Walker is the point man in this war on the middle class. My guess is, he is a one term Governor ? I hope so. Americans do not like dictators ! Perhaps the people of Wisconsin, need to think about a recall of this tyrannical Governor ? I often wonder, how some of these so called elected representatives get elected in the first place ? President Obama said in a campaign speech, that he would walk the picket line with workers who were being declared war on. Mr. President, where are YOU ?Last night on the television news, I saw Jimmy Hoffa and the Teamsters are now getting into this war. All I can say is, it is about time. If we lose this war, we lose America ! I`m so tired of hearing that, "We do not need unions any longer". This event alone is proof enough that we do. If we lose now, who is next ? How about the American Association of Retired People (AARP) They stand up for the middle class. Ok, then we`ll go after Credit Unions. They are aimed at the benefits of the middle class. Alliance for Retired Americans, it goes on and on. We can have Unions, but they will be state unions. Think not ? Better think again. Unions were created out of necessity. Unions are the purest form of Democracy. Outlaw Unions, is to outlaw democracy in action. Have Unions made mistakes ? You bet`cha ! Has our Country/Democracy made mistakes ? You bet`cha ! I do not want to see either one of them lost. Both are the core of our American way of Life ! TEA party Republicans are dangerous. Be careful of those who come in sheep's clothing. Those State Senators in Wisconsin, who are hiding out, "God Bless You"! Standing up for Unions is to Stand up for America ! After all, We are a Union !

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d_f_worley said...

I am for union rights to collective barganing but so long as the democrats support the killing of the unborn and the "rights" of gay and lesbians to MARRY then I will never vote for another democrat as long as GOD gives me breath. Amen.