Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tennessee~Anti-Union, You Bet`cha !

Tennessee Republicans Now Control The Entire State Politically, Not Good News For Average Working Men & Women !
It started in Alabama and has spread to Tennessee. The Anti-Union Tennessee State Legislature has introduced three bill`s in the House that will try to destroy Unions in the Private Sector and Teachers Union. Remember who you voted for and watch how they vote on this very important issue in Tennessee.

Listed below are anti-union bills that will go before the legislature during the 107th General Assembly:

HB0130 -By Maggart and SB0113 - By Johnson
Teachers, Principals and School Personnel - As introduced, abolishes teachers' unions ability to negotiate terms and conditions of professional service with local boards of education. Amends TCA Section 5-23-107 and Title 49.

HB0160 - By Glen Casada
Campaigns and Campaign Finance - As introduced, creates Class C misdemeanor for labor organizations to contribute to candidates. Amends TCA Title 2, Chapter 10.

HB0159 - By Glen Casada
Employees, Employers - As introduced, prohibits public employees from having a payroll deduction to a political action committee or for dues for membership organizations that use funds for political activities. Amends TCA Title 3; Title 7 and Title 8.

I will be watching these bills and will keep you updated. This is just the beginning of what we will be up against, they have until February 17th to file bills. If this sounds kinda one sided...IT IS ! Talk about denying rights ? Wow ! Republicans just want to help you, When Pigs Fly ! Anti-Union = Anti-People ! To read these bills as introduced Click on title or link above or here >


akajain said...

tenn. was on national news this weekend as the most prolific state in meth production.sudafed is the 1 essential ingredient..why can't we make it a prescription only drug..would surly cut down meth labs...tenn should be known for all it's beautiful nature and GOOD things.if I were a tourist, it would detr me away from coming to this state...we sound scary !!!!

akajain said...

why are we trying to hurt the teachers so badly...they are our future..they need pay raises not being taken down by a bunch of radical right wings..