Saturday, January 08, 2011

Republicans Put On Show ! Healthcare !

Repeal Health Care ? Give Up Your Own First !

For 2 years, GOP leaders in Congress fought tooth and nail to oppose health care reform. They did their best to keep tens of millions without coverage, decrying any effort to help citizens as "socialist," "fascist" or some other equally baffling "ist." Now that they are the majority, their first act will be to vote to repeal health care reform. Yet, when it comes to their own coverage, Republicans in Congress are happy to accept government-sponsored health care. Senator Chuck Schumer is calling the GOP on their hypocrisy, and calling on them to give up their government-sponsored health care. We couldn't agree more: Write Republican leaders and tell them if they want to repeal health care, they need to practice what they preach, and give up their own government-sponsored health care first.

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Editorial : What happened to Jobs first, with the Republicans ? It looks like they have forgotten, JOBS. It appears they are more concerned with Healthcare, repealing it, that is ! Yet they are fully aware that They cannot repeal it ! It`s Showtime folks ! Nancy Pelosi (upper left) Tommy Douglas (Upper middle) John Boehner (upper right) If you do not know, who The Honorable Tommy Douglas is, I suggest you google it !

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