Saturday, January 01, 2011

Good News for a Change ! Tires That is !

Union Official : BF Goodrich Modernizing Indiana Plant
Posted: Dec 29, 2010

WOODBURN, Ind. (AP) - A United Steelworkers of America local president says BF Goodrich is adding workers and updating equipment at a tire plant outside Fort Wayne as part of a $77 million modernization project. Local 715 President Jim Wetzel told The News-Sentinel in a story Tuesday the plant in Woodburn has added 50 to 60 people the past few months and now has 1,400 employees. BF Goodrich spokesman Tate Hoxworth says the company has laid the groundwork for making improvements at the plant, but no final decisions have been made. Wetzel said the plant will modify existing equipment so it can make a larger variety of tires.

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Editorial : Michelin owns B.F. Goodrich. Michelin is non-union...BF Goodrich is Union ! Thanks to Mike Stanley for this article !

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