Tuesday, January 18, 2011

How to e-mail, Speaker of the House, Cong. John Boehner

You Can Now e-mail John Boehner(R)

By Mackenzie Weinger Anyone in the country can now e-mail House Speaker John Boehner.

After former Speaker Nancy Pelosi passed Boehner the gavel, his office launched to allow voters to easily contact him. Members of Congress have long accepted e-mail from their constituents through web forms, but they've typically blocked people from outside their districts or states from writing. Boehner’s new media director Nick Schaper said having a general address makes it easy for citizens to contact the Speaker online. Schaper noted the "Speaker Boehner" mailbox — which collects messages from both a web form on and direct e-mails — received about 150 emails over the weekend, with roughly 20 percent related to the Tucson shooting. "It's our goal to make sure we’re tracking every touch we have with citizens — calls, letters, emails — in a way that allows us to keep them informed on the issues they care about," Schaper told Congress.org in an e-mail. The all-access mailbox originated with Pelosi during her first stint as Minority Leader five years ago. She invited people to e-mail her at AmericanVoices@mail.house.gov. Staffers read and evaluate the emails, and they even send responses to a lucky few. "We want to hear from everyone, not just constituents," Pelosi spokesperson Drew Hammill said. "It's an opportunity for people to have a way to weigh in on issues of the day." According to Hammill, Pelosi receives reports on the trends and issues that are dominating the email correspondence. And just as the email operated during her tenure as both Minority Leader and Speaker, Hammill said AmericanVoices@mail.house.gov "will continue to serve as her way to hear from people across the country" in her new role. As for Boehner's new e-mail address, Hammill noted the success of AmericanVoices likely inspired the Speaker's team. "I have no doubt that’s something they wanted to mirror," he said. Meanwhile, Schaper said the GOP has taken "full advantage" of the web in recent years, and added that citizens will "now see that enthusiasm translated into more effective governing." And Speaker Boehner recently told NBC's Brian Williams he gets "strength every day just going to my Facebook site." Boehner's no stranger to other forms of new media, and has a @SpeakerBoehner Twitter account to go along with his accounts on Facebook and YouTube. "Whether it's Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or the next communications tool we’ve yet to see, the Speaker and his colleagues will continue to explore new avenues to connect with those they represent," Schaper wrote. http://www.speaker.gov/contact/

(Mackenzie Weinger writes for Roll Call.)

Dear Speaker Boehner ; 1/18/11 Please reconsider your stand on healthcare ! I believe it is one of the primary reasons that our jobs are going to CHINA ! Healthcare is a major contributor to the cost of manufacturing. Healthcare is not sustainable in its present form. Our manufacturing base can no longer afford healthcare in its present form. Our Citizens can no longer to afford healthcare in its present form. We can do this ! We need you`re leadership and help ! Vote to keep and not repeal healthcare. T

Thank you, for your time.

Don V. Jones = Underdog


john schauer said...

Speaker Bohner: After just the last few days I am really frustrated. First an e-mail backed up by the U.S. Dept of the Interior/Geological Survery, that between the Bakkan strip from No Dakota to Montana there are 4.3 billion barrels of untapped oil. Add to this a similar find by the Rocky Mountains could total over 1 trillion barrels of oil more than the entire Middle East put together. and here we are at $3.15 per gall going to our enemys. How can a few environtalists and the EPA control. Then this huge steak dinner at our expense for people like Barbara Streisand et al. Is this Obama's way to tell us to tighten our belts? Obama and Michelle will get every nickel out of us until they will be thrown out of office. Last, our tax money going to Planned Parenthood and the lies that they are not by our President and Senator Sherrod Brown from my state of Ohio.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Speaker,
The issue about the President birth cert. is a real problem ! The Govener of in which he was said to be born :"Stated he himself couldn't find the birth papers ? I agree with you it's not your job to say but Congerss needs to inforce the Election Laws. Let everyone who runs for president produce the Birth Papers, or be rejected for non compliance of the
rules ! There should be no non
citizen in our white house, Please see that the election law is upheald. I thank you for your consideration. Respectfully John H.

underdog = Don Jones said...

Dear Anonymous ; 2/14/11

I`m sorry that you do not get it ? Somehow, the issue of birth was handled a long time ago. You may not like him, but, he is an American Citizen. I really believe, we have more important issues to deal with, don`t You ?

Jan Selman said...

My Life is also one day at a time! And apparently you have no respect for the value of my country...not approving the needed cash not to default! This is why women get peeved...you BOYS never grow up!!!! You are playing with my grandchildre's future...Just who do you think you've become in your office...."Your Political Male Ego?" You work for ME!

Pass the bill for the country that is needed!!!

Pearl S. Dixon said...

What America needs is less taxes, fewer regulations, less spending, development of our resources, and restrict government to the true intent of the constitution. Let Americans grow the country without government destroying the country. We need John Boehner to lead us back to sanity with less government spending, less government controls, less, less, less!

Anonymous said...

Pearl ; 7/11/11
John Boehner could not lead a thirsty horse to water ! Is that less tax`s on the rich ? by fewer regulations, are we talking children`s sweat shops, are ok ?
Developing our own oil, I agree ! Constitution is like our Bible, depends on who is interpeting. Less spending, A-Men ! How about fixin TRADE ?
Underdog = Don Jones

Anonymous said...

You should be Fired! I"ll never vote for another Republican as long as i live!

Oscar Lupiba said...

Dear House Speaker Boehner:
It is paramount that we come together as a people, a congress, a nation and put the country first before our political parties.
Before us lie some of our greatest challenges,as a country, that will take courage, wisdom, and leadership. You can help provide that leadership and be heralded or fail to do so and be demonized. Your future is in your hands! The choice is obvious!

Anonymous said...

This is so crazy. The top 1% of the country have had a 400% increase in income in the last ten years. Most of us mortals who helped them have this increase have no increase. They should not suffer to. What a dumb move on their part. money speaks.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Speaker:

As a Senior, who has worked all my life with the affects of polio and never received a penny from the government until recently,I am appalled you want to reduce the meager stipend for which I worked diligently. I never asked for anything from anyone or complained about paying taxes. Why you hate seniors, those with disabilities, etc., I haven't a clue. None of us want something for nothing. We paid into the system for decades yet you want to strip us of benefits! WHY? If there is money needed to finance these programs?--STOP FOREIGN AID for one. Let's take care of our own people and they can care for theirs. All they do is 'screw' us when called upon. You are not representing the majority of Ohioans, like myself. You care only for business and those rich folks who can afford to contribute into the system as they did before Bush. I do not understand your stubborn attitude when it pertains to those less fortunate. Cut your salaries and benefits, especially those you will receive when no longer in office. That is the biggest form of 'pork' there ever was, especially since all one has to do is serve one term to 'earn' them. One last request: support a bill which disallows borrowing from the Social Security coiffures as has been done for decades without paying back, and police those who supply medical services at an exorbitant profit.

Thank you

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Speaker,
I am very disappointed that you feel that you can think for the nation.. What I would like to see is the House, Senate and White House staff take cuts in salary and honor a wage freeze during their current service.
The wealthy need to pay their fair share!! I am sick and tired of being taxed, taxed and taxed again.
Make the cuts where they need to be. Not social security, not Medicare, not Medicaid. Tighten the reins with Medicaid, passing drug testing for Medicaid recipients (adults)as well as Welfare recipients. The Health care bill might not be tweeked to your liking but it is important for many to rely on. Have you personally ever been laid off or drawn unemployment??? I know the answer to that. NO! Walk a mile in our shoes then maybe you could make decisions for the American people!

Anonymous said...

I just tried to send this message; Grow Up: I was a registered Republican – But I won’t be as of tomorrow! Your address was garbage. In 2009, 47% of Americans did not pay income tax. In 2010, it dropped to 46% – WOW. From your comments tonight, you’d think we all paid at least 25% of our income in taxes. That just isn’t so. The Republicans sound like spoiled 3rd graders – wanting to duke it out at recess rather than approach this crisis like adults. I can’t understand how you got here; you no longer represent me and my friends. I’ve never written a political letter before, but your performance tonight was above and beyond reasonableness. Have you any idea what the word compromise means. Sign me one ex-Republican!

Anonymous said...

Compromise: Increase taxes on the wealthy elite and close corporate loopholes. It is time for you to educate and lead the far right wing TP republicans and get this deal done!

Hoping you come to your senses doon and not be held hostage by a few ideological republicans who do not seem to understand they work for us.


Anonymous said...

You certainly have gotten uses to using Medicare and Social Security money to finance lower taxed for YOUR buddies who are stuffing YOUR pockets with money. I am fed up with this. What is wrong with this country is that it has people like you in it.

You are not standing on principle. You have no principles.

Anonymous said...

It is time you quit playing russian roulet with my 401 K and Social Security which I have contributed to. Bush started the stimulus package at the end of his term and increased the deficit with the useless war in Iraq. This debt did not occur overnight and can not be settled in this short period of time, We need a fair long term solution not entirely off the backs of middle Americans. Quit Campaiging and get to work on solutions. I will not forget in November.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Speaker: I am beginning to wonder how many political parties we have in Washington. I thought we only had two, but its seems we now have a third party "The Tea Party" which you cannot control. You are the SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE, you need to take control of the OUT OF CONTROL situation within your own party or resign. These freshman Congressional men & women elected by the people are completely out of control. They are putting politics first for the rich rather than COMPROMISE with the Democrats for what is best for the people of the country. Please advise the Freshman elected children(The Tea Party supporters) to start governing our country and quit playing Politics. We need to raise the debt ceiling and not put this country of ours in complete chaos. If your Party cannot reasonably COMPROMISE then I urge the President to invoke the 14th admendment and raise the debt ceiling.

JIM HALE said...

This is the comment I sent to the President.

I'm a 76 year old real American. I've served in the military, and I've made a good living spending most of my adult life in Public Accounting - specializing in Federal taxation. You, Mr. President are a liar. You cannot even begin to balance any budget as you or Speaker Boehner try to tell the American people. And as you can see for yourself on u-tube under the heading “Are you kidding me?” This gentleman has hit the nail on the head, and he has really nailed you for what you are not doing for America. Speaker Boehner is as far off as you are. So my comments are not one sided. The terrible shoe that is on the wrong foot is on both political parties. It is time to get rid of the two parties since neither one of them give a damn about this country. I don’t know where this guy on U-tube came from; but he should be President. I would vote for him. I will be promoting to as many Americans as I can reach, to vote every single member of the United States Congress and the President and Vice President out of office. We the real people need to clean the slate and start over with people who are in touch with the American people, and who care about this country and those same people.

Ginny said...

Dear Mr. Speaker,

If you allow the checks to our seniors, veterans, military and disabled Americans, it will be greatest mistake you have will ever made! If you and Congress really care about who gets paid, stand up and offer to have your check and the other checks of your fellow to members of Congress show what you are willing to give up half your pay to help the problems? I bring home $1523. per month, I can barely pay my rent, and my medications, food in an option. And since you make $190K, can you not live off of $80K? But importantly, do you have the guts, glory, and love of this country, to put our seniors, veteran heroes, and the disabled before yourself. I absolutely do not believe you do. An I promise, I will post this in every major newspaper, and televison station across the country! It is time that Congress feel the pain that the constituents so supposedly promised to stand up for see what the members of Congress are really made of? If not, maybe we need to start off with all new members of Congress that don't have fringe benefits to loose!!!

Larry said...

Subject - The Debt Ceiling Battle


Get your head out of your ass and do some good for us.. If your looking to cut cost you should look at cutting all ad over seas and pet project that every one is doing.. START their first and see what you can come up with!!

The whole USA is not happy with what you and your party is putting us thru.

Man up and do what is right!!


Anonymous said...

Mr. Boehner,
Please enough with the crass remarks about President Obama. Instead of rude remarks why not try to do some work for the American people instead of holding us hostage. You should be ashamed of the way you are conducting the US Congress. Enough of this nonsense.

Mary Ann

April 18, 2012