Thursday, June 09, 2011

The War on Unions ?

Is The USA Going to Become a Third World Country ? !

By Don Jones = Underdog...


War has been declared on the middle class. How ? Republicans have learned that through unions, the middle class have an input in their work place. They don`t want you and I to have a say, in where we work. Why ? They want you to compete with third world countries in labor cost. It can`t be done. You take Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company, they close down a domestic plant in Union City Tennessee(UC) and build those tires in Chili South America or China. Ship those tires back over to the good ole USA, the price never lowers. Free-Democratic Trade Unions negotiate livable wages and at one time medical benefits and retirement. In China, they have state operated unions. Not so good. In Chili, they murder Union leaders at their leisure. I really hate to call it a class war, but that is exactly what is going on. Here are questions for those opposed to free democratic labor unions ? What is wrong with me having a say in my work place ? What is wrong with electing my own union representatives ? What is wrong with negotiating on my own behalf or those who elect me ? I have never met a Union Official who wanted to put their employer out of business. I have always advocated, that with descent and livable wages comes responsibility, of building the best made union/company product possible. In my case Goodyear Tire`s ! In fact, that is being proven now in Union City TN. It seems that my/our plant is building the best tires and is the most productive plant in North America ! They are Union and doing a great job. They are scheduled to shut down this year. I now come back to original question, as to why this Republican assault on Unions/Middle class ? Adolph Hitler made a speech in Berlin Germany in 1933. The crux of the speech was do away with unions, kill all union officials. It was done ! Where did that get us ? All I`m asking is a level playing field for Americas Middle Class/Union Workers. No special privileges. Just an even chance to compete. American Union Workers can and will compete with any workers in the world and win. Oh yes, one more thing, as a union official, I`ve never killed anyone. I have no connection with the mob. Free-Democratic Trade Unions are the most needed self operated organization in the world. Also the purest form of Democracy, I know of ! If you do not understand that fact, Please read about Union Organizing in the 20`s and 30`s ! "God Bless America"!

Fiat Lux


David F. said...

I think it was Obama and the democrats that stopped Boeing Aircraft from building an new Factory in SC. was it not?

I think Union big business has over stepped it's intended purpose. Some countries need unions right now for the reason we first needed them, but right now this country needs plenty of sensible wage paying shoe, shirt, pants and coat factories. Jobs that don't need rocket science education and don't deserve rocket science pay. America must get back to EARNING a living. I worked 28 years at Goodyear making twice as much as I should have. Don't get me wrong, I'm thankful for it but look where all the high paying labor jobs are now. They're gone along with the companies that paid it out. I lived good off Goodyear and I still enjoy a retirement check from there but they can't afford to pay 25 to 30 dollars an hour and make a profit. I know the ceo's and muscle ups get too much but you're never going to stop that by getting your self more money. Their salary is a fact of life. Good by Goodyear, I lapped up the gravy as long as I could.

underdog Don Jones said...

Dear David F. 6/10/11

Unless we change our trade policy`s, nothing wil change. Your letter alone, is proof that we do need Unions ! You are correct, we`ve lost our clothing industry, shoe industry, electronics, we1re moving our tire business as fast as we can. As far as pay, I too enjoyed the days of a livable wage, now gone. I hope they have not cut your retirement pay ? They have mine. Big business and politicians have found a way to bring the middle clas to our knees.
If we must lose to win ? So be it !I choose not to capitulate and give Top Exectives millions whie we lose. This one do not agree on !

Anonymous said...

David F., I also worked at Goodyear, but as a temp, and really got the shaft. I was lucky to finish my lunch in a 12-hour shift because I had so much to do. Before you know it, we had a child and I was out of a job. However, you are correct that unions have overstepped their bounds, and now they are seeing their jobs go to other states and other countries. People like Don Jones, who probably hasn't worked anywhere other than Goodyear, seem to think that all companies are or should be run like Goodyear, and they should have lavish benefits and salaries. The company agreed to the negotiated contracts with the unions, so they should honor them, but since we are in a global market, we have to be able to compete with companies that do not have such high overhead. Don Jones should appreciate the salary and benefits he received over the years, rather than criticize Goodyear and blame everyone else for the fact that now the manufacturing sector has changed. Overseas production has brought cheaper prices to the US, so now it doesn't cost that much to buy products that would otherwise be too expensive to buy here. Don Jones also doesn't seem to understand that protectionism doesn't work either, and trade wars with other countries would not be in the best interests of the US. Protectionism is one of the factors that led to the Great Depression, but I'm sure Don Jones doesn't have a clue on that. Mr. Jones should do some serious reading on Austrian Economics, and forget the Keynesian model, because it simply doesn't work, as evidenced by the Obama stimulus.
I'm sure Mr. Jones won't publish this, because it might make him think that there's another world other than a union environment out there.

Stick a Fork in me, I`m Done ! said...

Dear Anonymous ; 8/11/11
I appreciate your candor. As far as Don Jones, ever working somewhere else, Yes I have ! Never assume you know something about someone else.Your assumption would probably be wrong 90% of the time. Try to take in the reality of CEO`S making huge salarys and bonus`s, as we get cut! World Economy ? Our race to the bottom continues...Unions did not run off manufacturing jobs. Greedy Companys did and politicians allowed it to happen for $ ! Yes as a temp, you got screwed. Would you work for minimum wage ? I have ! You do not buy a new home or car on it. As far as Don Jones appreciating his earned money and benefits at Goodyear, I did ! I just want you to do the same.