Thursday, June 16, 2011

It`s Trade, Trade, Trade !

National Call-In Days to Stop Free Trade Agreements
Make Calls Next Week on Tuesday and Wednesday...

The House Ways and Means Committee announced that they will start work NEXT WEEK on free trade agreements with Colombia, Korea and Panama.

Now is the time to turn up the heat!

Please call your U.S. Representatives on Tuesday and Wednesday of next week, June 21 and 22. View the InfoAlert outlining the problems with these agreements:

Check out the AFL-CIO ad that just ran in Politico, an influential D.C. publication, that denounces the Colombia agreement:

Call Your Representative on Tuesday or Wednesday !

Dial the Capitol Switchboard toll-free at:

Ask for your Representative. In Tennessee : Click link below !

Tell your Representative you are a constituent and you want him or her to OPPOSE the Colombia, Korea and Panama free trade agreements. Ask for his or her position.

Underdog = Don Jones

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