Monday, June 13, 2011

Don't End Medicare

GOP’s Social Security Privatization 2.0

Republicans are rolling out another plan to "privatize" and end Social Security as we know it, turning seniors’ guaranteed benefits into a guaranteed gamble. The last time they tried this was 2005. Just think, if they succeeded then, seniors would have lost trillions more in the 2008 financial crash. We protected Social Security then. Let’s stand together to protect it again now. Help us get 100,000 signatures for our petition calling on House Republicans to drop their reckless plan to end Social Security as we know it. Add your name and then spread it far and wide to your friends and family. Ever since Republicans began their radical push to end Medicare for America’s seniors, while giving more tax breaks to America’s billionaires, we’ve been holding them accountable. If you haven’t seen it yet, check out our powerful video of real Americans telling their own personal stories of how they rely on Medicare benefits -- then sign our petition telling Republicans to drop their disgraceful demands to end Medicare. Tea Party Launches “Super PAC” Want to see something really scary ? This week, the Tea Party’s biggest Washington, DC lobbying group ripped a page out of Karl Rove and the Koch Brothers’ playbooks by forming a “Super PAC” that can spend unlimited amounts of secret money attacking Democrats. This has raised the stakes for the upcoming June 30th Federal Election Commission (FEC) fundraising deadline.

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