Thursday, November 15, 2012


Add your name. Tell the Senate: Reform the Filibuster. Sign the petition.
It's no secret Washington is broken and gridlock is obstructing progress in the Senate. Critical issues like the fiscal cliff, making sure our veterans have jobs when they come home and taking steps to combat climate change are stalled as a result.
There’s no silver bullet. But there is something we can do immediately to make the Senate work better: reform the filibuster.
The recent transformation of the filibuster into a political weapon used for partisan aims is unacceptable. Our times, our challenges, even our opportunities, demand more of us.
That’s why I’m joining with several Democrats to call on the entire Senate to reform the filibuster now.
We need your support to send a clear, unequivocal signal. These issues are being negotiated right now. Will you join us – immediately – and add your name to our petition?
Click here to sign our petition telling the Senate to pass filibuster reform so we can overcome the gridlock and get the Senate working again.
Throughout the Senate’s history, we’ve seen the filibuster used an average of two to three times per year.
But things changed in the last Congress, when we saw more filibusters than were used in the 1950s, 60s, and 70s combined.
The filibuster has a role, absolutely, but it has to return to being a reasonable tool. That’s the way it was envisioned and we have the opportunity, right now, to get back to that ideal.
There’s momentum among the American people and among the Senate for action on this.
You can make that plain to your leaders and help us get this done. I stand ready, along with a tremendous group of senators and senators-elect, to make this happen.
Add your voice in support of filibuster reform and we’ll fight for you.
Let the Senate know you want the filibuster reformed by signing our petition now. We’ve got to stop the gridlock and start working on solutions to our challenges.

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