Friday, November 16, 2012

FISCAL CLIFF ? Sign Petition !

There's been a lot of talk about the so-called "fiscal cliff" lately, so let's just call this thing for what it really is -- a Republican scare tactic.

Everyone from economist Paul Krugman to investor Warren Buffet agrees that the "fiscal cliff" isn't really a cliff at all. But Republicans want you to think that the sky will fall unless a deal is reached by the end of the year.

Let me say this as simply as I can: Republicans are ginning up the "fiscal cliff" to scare Americans and force Democrats to extend the Bush tax cuts, while demanding cuts to vital programs like Medicare.

That's a bad deal. Our country can't afford to give away huge tax cuts to the rich and our seniors can't afford to live without Medicare or Social Security.

Tell Congress: No deal is better than a bad deal -- Sign the petition now.

Why is no deal better than a bad deal?
  • The Bush tax cuts will expire anyway. That's right, the Bush tax cuts -- which are the single largest contributor to the deficit -- will end on December 31, even if Congress does nothing between now and then. That means taxes on the top 2% will go up and Republicans won't have any leverage to lower them again in the New Year.
  • Cutting Social Security and Medicare won't fix the deficit. Social Security is paid for by the payroll tax, which goes into the Social Security Trust Fund. Cutting Social Security won't add money to the general fund. Meanwhile, the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office has said the Medicare cuts that Republicans are pushing would do little to affect long-term spending.
Tell Congress to stand their ground -- we won't accept cuts to vital programs like Medicare or any extension of the Bush tax cuts for the rich.

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